Pinḳas ha-diḳduḳ. = פנקס הדקדוק.

Baḳi, Shimshon Eliʻezer, 17th century.
באקי, שמשון אליעזר, המאה ה-17.
[Casale Monferrato], 1725-1726.
[קזאלה מונפראטו], 1725-1726.
27 leaves : paper ; 190 x 130 (170 x 130) mm bound to 195 x 140 mm.
Hebrew language -- Grammar -- Early works to 1800.
Judeo-Italian language.
Cantillation -- Instruction and study -- Early works to 1800.
Manuals (instructional materials)
Codices (bound manuscripts)
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 18th century.
Judeo-Italian, Italian, and Hebrew.
This is a manuscript of an instruction manual on Hebrew grammar (diḳduḳ) by R. Samson Bachi, a rabbinical figure in Casale Monferrato (f. iii recto); he was a mohel, and also was known as a student of R. Moshe Zacuto (1625-1697) and a noted kabbalist. The writer was named Refa'el Asher, writing in "Ḳasali" in 1725-1726 (other notes on the folio are crossed through.) Mainly, the manuscript is written in Italian in Hebrew characters, with minimal amounts written in Hebrew and also some words in Italian. Since the work is classified as a notebook, there are corrections at various points of the text.
Ms. codex.
Title from f. iii recto.
Collation: Paper, i (modern paper) + 31 + i (modern paper); 1¹⁰ 2¹² 3¹⁰ (-10); modern foliation in pencil, upper left recto, [i-iv, 1-27].
Layout: 22-24 long ruled lines divided between Hebrew, Judeo-Italian, and Italian words. Also, portions are written in Hebrew and Italian on either end of the line (for example, f. 16v-17r).
Script: Written in an Italian cursive script, with quotations vocalized. For quotations from scripture, the words are larger and are vocalized (for example, f. 1r.) The cantillations (ṭeʻamim) are shown on f. 6r
Decoration: Line fillers (for example, f. 5v, 6v).
Binding: Modern black vinyl on boards with a stamped gold flower in the center; "ketav yad" stamped on the spine.
Origin: Written in Casale Monferrato in 1725-1726 (f. iii recto).
Penn Provenance:
Sold by Kestenbaum and Company, sale 76 (June 14, 2018), lot 14.
Formerly owned by Ariel Toaff, professor at Bar Ilan University (bookplate inside front board).
Cited as:
UPenn CAJS Rar Ms 505.
Toaff, Ariel, 1942- former owner.
טואף, אריאל, בעלים קודמים.
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