Outlines of Jewish History from B.C.E. 586 to C.E. 1929 / by Lady Magnus; revised by M. Friedländer, Ph. D., with additional chapters by Solomon Grayzel, Ph. D.

Magnus, Katie, Lady, 1844-1924.
Other Title:
Outlines of Jewish History
Third revised American edition.
Philadelphia : The Jewish Publication Society of America, 5708-1948. , ©1929
xxiii, [1], 418, [4] pages, [4] leaves of color plates : color maps ; 19 cm
Jews -- History.
Jews -- History -- 70-
Place of Publication:
United States Pennsylvania Philadelphia.
Book I.B.C.E. 586 to C.E. 70. In the Shadow of the Sword: The Jews in Babylon; The return to Palestine; Life in Palestine; The Maccabean War of Independence; Palestine under native rule; Judea during the remainder of the rule of the Asmoneans; A new dynasty; Reign of Herod; Judea before the war; The war with Rome; The end of the war
Book II. C.E. 70 to 1600. Darkness: After the war; The revolt under Hadrian; The revival of the schools, their work; Christianity a state religion; The break-up of the Roman Empire, some of its consequences; The rise of Mahomedanism; The conquests of the Kaliphs, effects, religious and social, on the Jews; Life under the Kaliphs; Jews in Spain (710-1150); Jews in Spain, continued (1150-1492); Jews in Central Europe in the Middle Ages; Jews in Central Europe, continued; Jews in England (1066-1210); Jews in England, continued (1216-1290)
Book III. C.E. 100 to 1500. Starlight: Concerning Jewish literature and literary men; Some fixed stars; The greatest of the fixed stars, Maimonides (1135-1204); Darkness before the dawn; The darkness visible
Book IV. C.E. 1591 to 1882. Dawn: Dawn; Manasseh ben Israel; The return of the Jews to England; Spinoza; In northern and central Europe, before the dawn; In northern and central Europe, before the dawn, continued; Moses Mendelssohn; The next hundred years (1780-1880); Two centuries and a quarter in England (1660-1885); South America-the West Indies; North America; The nineteenth century; New clouds; The home in America; The hope for Zion; Out of tragedy, new life.
"These Outlines of Jewish History are the result of a proposal which was made to me, some two years back by the administrators of the Jacob Franklin Trust to write a book which should tell the history of the Jews from Biblical times to the present day, in a form which should fit it for use in schools and homes."--Preface.
"The Outlines of Jewish History, written by Lady Magnus, and first published in an American edition, in 1890, has become such a favorite among school teachers that a new edition is called for ... The English edition was brought down to the middle of the nineteenth century. For the use of American schools the Society decided to add some additional chapters and bring the book up to date. This was entrusted to Doctor Solomon Grayzel, of the Gratz College."--Preface to the Society's Edition, September, 1929.
Includes index.
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