Cyber crime and cyber terrorism investigator's handbook / edited by Babak Akhgar, Andrew Staniforth, Francesca Bosco ; acquiring editor, Steve Elliot ; editorial project manager, Benjamin Rearick ; project manager, Priya Kumaraguruparan ; designer, Mark Rogers.

Akhgar, Babak, author.
1st edition
Waltham, Massachusetts : Elsevier, 2014.
1 online resource (307 p.)
Computer crimes -- Investigation.
Cyberterrorism -- Investigation.
Computer crimes -- Investigation -- Case studies.
Cyberterrorism -- Investigation -- Case studies.
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Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook is a vital tool in the arsenal of today's computer programmers, students, and investigators. As computer networks become ubiquitous throughout the world, cyber crime, cyber terrorism, and cyber war have become some of the most concerning topics in today's security landscape. News stories about Stuxnet and PRISM have brought these activities into the public eye, and serve to show just how effective, controversial, and worrying these tactics can become. Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook describes and analyzes many o
Front Cover; Cyber Crime and Cyber Terrorism Investigator's Handbook; Copyright; Acknowledgments; Endorsements; Contents; Contributors; Author Biography; Foreword; Preface; Chapter 1: Cyberspace: The new frontier for policing? ; The Shape of the Challenge; The Size of the Challenge; The Response; Conclusion; References; Chapter 2: Definitions of Cyber Terrorism; Introduction; The Confusion About Cyber Terrorism; Cyber Terrorism Definition; Has Cyber Terrorism ever Occurred?; Conclusions; References; Chapter 3: New and emerging threats of cyber crime and terrorism; Introduction
Some Historic MilestonesCyber security lessons not learned from previous ICT innovation cycles; Organizational aspects not learned from previous ICT innovation cycles; Emerging threats; Conclusions; References; Chapter 4: Police investigation processes: practical tools and techniques for tackling cyber crimes ; Introduction; Investigative Decision Making; Investigative Problem Solving; Developing Investigative Hypothesis; Investigative Innovation; Investigators Contact Management; Investigating Crime and Terror; Conclusion; References
Chapter 5: Cyber-specifications: capturing user requirements for cyber-security investigationsIntroduction; User Requirements and the Need for a User-Centered Approach?; Balancing Technological and Human Capabilities; Conducting User Requirements Elicitation; Capturing and Communicating User Requirements; Conclusion; Acknowledgment; References; Chapter 6: High-tech investigations of cyber crime; Introduction; High-Tech Investigations and Forensics; Core Concepts of High-Tech Investigations; Digital Landscapes; The "Crime Scene"; Live and Online Data Capture; Offline (Dead) Data Capture
Verification of the DataReviewing the Requirements; Starting the Analysis; Signature Analysis; Filtering Evidence; Keyword Searching; Core Evidence; Windows LNK Files; Windows Prefetch Files; Windows Event Logs; Windows Registry; Restore Points; Case Study; Summary; References; Chapter 7: Seizing, imaging, and analyzing digital evidence: step-by-step guidelines ; Introduction; Establishing Crime; Collecting Evidence for a Search Warrant; Reported by a Third Party; Identification of a Suspects Internet Protocol Address; IP Spoofing; Anonymizing Proxy Relay Services
Intrusion Detection Systems, Network Traffic and Firewall LogsInterviews with Suspects; Analysis of Suspects Media; Doxing; Collecting Evidence; Seizing Equipment; Search for Written Passwords; Forensic Acquisition; Ram; Image; Forensic Analysis; Anti-forensics; RAM Analysis; Data Carving and Magic Values; Media Storage Forensics; The Structure and Format of a Hard Drive; Partitions; Master Boot Record; The VBR and BIOS parameter block; File System; File Table; Searching for Evidence; Keyword and Phrases Search; Recovering Deleted Information; Recovering Deleted Files and Folders
Recovering Deleted Partitions
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Akhgar, Babak, editor.
Staniforth, Andrew, editor.
Bosco, Francesca M., editor.
Elliot, Steve, editor.
Rearick, Benjamin, project director.
Kumaraguruparan, Priya, project director.
Rogers, Mark, designer.
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