Functional nanostructures and metamaterials for superconducting spintronics : from superconducting qubits to self-organized nanostructures / Anatolie Sidorenko, editor.

Cham, Switzerland : Springer, 2018.
Nanoscience and technology
NanoScience and technology
xvii, 270 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm.
Nanostructured materials.
This book demonstrates how the new phenomena in the nanometer scale serve as the basis for the invention and development of novel nanoelectronic devices and how they are used for engineering nanostructures and metamaterials with unusual properties. It discusses topics such as superconducting spin-valve effect and thermal spin transport, which are important for developing spintronics; fabrication of nanostructures from antagonistic materials like ferromagnets and superconductors, which lead to a novel non-conventional FFLO-superconducting state; calculations of functional nanostructures with an exotic triplet superconductivity, which are the basis for novel nanoelectronic devices, such as superconducting spin valve, thin-film superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) and memory-elements (MRAM). Starting with theoretical chapters about triplet superconductivity, the book then introduces new ideas and approaches in the fundamentals of superconducting electronics. It presents various quantum devices based on the new theoretical approaches, demonstrating the enormous potential of the electronics of 21st century - spintronics. The book is useful for a broad audience, including researchers, engineers, PhD graduates, students and others wanting to gain insights into the frontiers of nanoscience.
Basic Superconducting Spin Valves; 1 Introduction; 2 Superconductor-Metallic Ferromagnet Proximity Effect; 3 Elementary Superconducting Spin Valve: Diffusive Limit; 4 Elementary Spin Valve with Strong Ferromagnets; 4.1 Normal and Inverse Spin Valve Effects in the Elementary Structures; 4.2 Superconducting Spin Valve Effect and the Domain Structures of Ferromagnets; 4.3 Theory of Spin Valve in the Clean Limit; 4.4 Parametric Spin Valve; 5 Superconducting Spin Valve Effect in the S/F1/N/F2 Structures; 6 Discussion and Conclusion; References.
4 Superconducting Triplet Correlations5 Conclusion; References; Nanodevices with Normal Metal-Insulator-Superconductor Tunnel Junctions; 1 Introduction: The NIS Junction at a Glance; 2 Fabrication Technology; 3 Terahertz Band Conventional SINIS Bolometer; 4 Mechanisms of Energy Relaxation and Time Scale; 5 Electron Cooling of Absorber and Overheating of Superconductor; 6 NIS Thermometer; 7 Andreev Current and Hot Electron Traps; 8 Current Response, Quantum Efficiency, and Thermalization; 9 Conclusion; References.
Multichroic Polarization Sensitive Planar Antennas with Resonant Cold-Electron Bolometers for Cosmology Experiments1 Introduction. ESA Requirements; 2 Seashell Antenna; 3 Cross-Slot Antenna; 4 Comparison and Discussion; References; Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Technology for Concealed Contraband Detection; 1 Introduction; 2 Theory of Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging; 2.1 Planck's Radiation Law-Blackbody Radiation Detection Theory; 2.2 Radiation Temperature Transfer Model of the Passive Millimeter-Wave Near-Field Imaging; 3 Millimeter-Wave Radiometer.
3.1 Key Technical Parameters of Millimeter-Wave Radiometer3.2 Millimeter-Wave Direct Detection Radiometer; 3.3 Calibration Method for the Radiometer Array Adopted in the Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging System; 4 Passive Millimeter-Wave Near-Field Imaging Feed Antenna; 5 Quasi-optical Theory and Focusing Antenna for Passive Millimeter-Wave Near-Field Imaging; 5.1 Quasi-optics Design Method; 5.2 The Design of the Optical System Parameters; 5.3 Design of Lens Curvature; 6 Passive Millimeter-Wave Near-Filed Imaging System; 6.1 20-Channel FPA System for Hidden Object Detection Under Human Clothing.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Sidorenko, Anatolie, editor.
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