The U.S. Army War College guide to national security issues [electronic resource] / J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr., editor.

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United States Army War College guide to national security issues
USAWC guide to national security issues
US Army War College guide to national security issues
JSTOR Security Studies.
4th edition.
Carlisle, PA : Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College, 2010.
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National security -- United States.
United States -- Military policy.
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This edition of the U.S. Army War College Guide to National Security Policy and Strategy continues to reflect the structure and approach of the core national security strategy and policy curriculum at the War College. The fourth edition is published in two volumes that correspond roughly to the Department of National Security and Strategy's core courses: "Theory of War and Strategy" and "National Security Policy and Strategy." Like previous editions, this one is largely an expansion of its predecessor rather than a major rewriting. About a quarter of the chapters are new, and several others have undergone significant rewrites or updates. However, approximately half of the book remains unchanged. Although this is not primarily a textbook, it does reflect both the method and manner we use to teach strategy formulation to America's future senior leaders. The book is not a comprehensive or exhaustive treatment of either strategic theory or the policymaking process. Both volumes are organized to proceed from the general to the specific. Thus the first volume opens with general thoughts on the nature and theory of war and strategy, proceeds to look at the complex aspect of power, and concludes with specific theoretical issues. Similarly, the second volume begins by examining the policy/strategy process, moves to a look at the strategic environment, and concludes with some specific issues. This edition adds several short case studies that can be used to illustrate the primary material in the volume.
V.I. Theory of war and strategy
Introduction / J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.
Strategic theory. Why is strategy difficult? / David Jablonsky
A survey of the theory of strategy / J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.
Toward a theory of strategy : Art Lykke and the U.S. Army War College strategy model / H. Richard Yarger
The strategic appraisal : the key to effective strategy / H. Richard Yarger
Managing strategic risk / James F. Holcomb
A theory of victory / J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.
Toward a strategic theory of terrorism : defining boundaries in the ongoing search for security / Frank L. Jones
Thucydides and contemporary strategy / R. Craig Nation
The elements of power. National power / David Jablonsky
National power / R. Craig Nation
Strategic communication : wielding the information element of power / Dennis M. Murphy
Diplomacy as an instrument of national power / Reed J. Fendrick
Theory and practice of modern diplomacy : origins and development to 1914 / Louis J. Nigro, Jr.
Economic diplomacy : views of a practitioner / Constance Phlipot
Economics : a key element of national power / Clayton K.S. Chun
Political economy and national security : a primer / Janeen M. Klinger
Military power and the use of force / John F. Troxell
Strategic issues and considerations. Systems thinking in campaign design / Charles D. Allen and Glenn K. Cunningham
Intelligence as a tool of strategy / John Aclin
Air power theory : an analytical narrative from the First World War to the present / Tami Davis Biddle
John Warden's five ring model and the indirect approach to war / Clayton K.S. Chun
Naval theory for soldiers / J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.
The network-centric warfare journey : realizing the power of information / Jeffrey L. Groh
Space power : a strategic assessment and a way forward / Jeffrey A. Farnsworth.
V. II. National security policy and strategy
The national system and environment. Crafting national interests in the 21st century / Alan G. Stolberg
The national security community, revisited / Walter H. Leach
Making national security policy in the 21st century / Alan G. Stolberg
National security and the interagency process / Gabriel Marcella
PDD-56 : a glass half-full / John F. Troxell
National security powers : are the checks in balance? / Marybeth P. Ulrich
National military strategies : 1990-2009 / Richard M. Meinhart
Present at the counterrevolution : an essay on the 2005 national defense strategy and its impact on policy / Nathan P. Freier
Securing America from attack : the Defense Department's evolving role after 9/11 / Frank L. Jones
The appropriate role of intelligence in the making of national security policy / Anthony R. Williams
The international system and environment. The international system in the 21st century / Alan G. Stolberg
International relations theory and American grand strategy / Janeen M. Klinger
Multilateralism and unilateralism / James A. Helis
Regional studies in a global age / R. Craig Nation
"Lawyers, guns, and money" : transnational threats and U.S. national security / Paul Rexton Kan
Ethical issues in war : an overview / Martin L. Cook
Strategic issues and considerations. Ethics and war in comparative religious perspective / David L. Perry
International law and the new world order : redefining sovereignty / Thomas W. McShane
A nationalist's view of lawfare / David G. Bolgiano
The United States and the International Criminal Court / Thomas W. McShane
Retooling U.S. public diplomacy as a strategic instrument of foreign policy / Marybeth P. Ulrich
A primer on civil-military relations for senior leaders / Marybeth P. Ulrich
New requirements for a new challenge : the military's role in border security / Bert B. Tussing
Creating strategy in an era of change : the Plains Indian wars / Clayton K.S. Chun
U.S. relations with North Korea, 1991-2000 / J. Boone Bartholomees, Jr.
Painting yourself into a corner : conflict termination, unconditional surrender, and the case of Japan / Clayton K.S. Chun
The guerrilla warfare problem : revolutionary war and the Kennedy administration response, 1961-1964 / Frank L. Jones.
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Includes bibliographical references.
Previously titled: U.S. Army War College guide to national security policy and strategy.
Bartholomees, J. Boone, 1947- editor.
Jablonsky, David.
Yarger, Harry R. (Harry Richard)
Holcomb, James F.
Jones, Frank L. (Frank Leith)
Nation, R. Craig.
Murphy, Dennis M., 1954-
Fendrick, Reed J.
Nigro, Louis John, 1947-
Phlipot, Constance.
Chun, Clayton K. S.
Klinger, Janeen Mosher.
Troxell, John F.
Allen, Charles D.
Cunningham, Glenn K.
Aclin, John.
Biddle, Tami Davis, 1959-
Groh, Jeffrey L.
Farnsworth, Jeffrey A.
Stolberg, Alan G.
Leach, Walter H.
Marcella, Gabriel.
Ulrich, Marybeth Peterson.
Meinhart, Richard M.
Freier, Nathan.
Williams, Anthony R.
Helis, James A.
Kan, Paul Rexton.
Cook, Martin L., 1951-
Perry, David L., 1959-
McShane, Thomas W.
Bolgiano, David G.
Tussing, Bert B.
Army War College (U.S.). Strategic Studies Institute. issuing body.
Army War College (U.S.). Department of National Security and Strategy.
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