Seijun Suzuki : the early years vol. 2 : Border crossings : the crime and action movies / [directed by] Seijun Suzuki.

Other Title:
Border crossing : the crime and action movies
Sleeping beast within
Sleeping beast within also known as : Sleep of the beast
Original Japanese title for Sleeping beast within: Kemono no nemuri
Smashing the O-line
Wind-of-youth group crosses the mountain pass also known as : Secret zero zone
Original Japanese title for Smashing the O-line: Mikkō zerorain
Eight hours of terror
Eight hours of terror also known as : Eight hours of fear
Original Japanese title for Eight hours of terror : Hachijikan no kyōfu
8 jikan no kyōfu
Tokyo knights
Tokyo knights also known as : Tokyo kishitai
Original Japanese for Tokyo knights : Tokyo naito
The man with a shotgun
The man with a shotgun also known as : Man with the hollow-tip bullets
Original Japanese title for The man with a shotgun : Shotto gan no otoko
Original Japanese title for Sleeping beast within: けものの眠り
Original Japanese title for Smashing the O-line: 密航0ライン
Original Japanese title for Eight hours of terror : 8時間の恐怖
Original Japanese for Tokyo knights : 東京騎士隊
Original Japanese title forThe man with a shotgun : 散弾銃の男
Special edition.
[United States] : Arrow Video, [2018] , ©2018
2 videodiscs (175, 248 min.) : sound, color and black and white ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 booklet (58 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm)
4 3/4 in.
Action and adventure films.
Thrillers (Motion pictures)
Crime films.
Film adaptations.
Feature films.
Fiction films.
Motion pictures, Japanese,
Action and adventure films.
Crime films.
Feature films.
Fiction films.
Film adaptations.
Thrillers (Motion pictures)
Optional English subtitles.
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DVD:; region 1; mono 1.0 audio ; Dolby digital.
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The sleeping beast within: "A businessman returns from an extended trip, but something seems off. Criminal operations and religious cults come into play, while the man's daughter and her journalist boyfriend race to find the truth." -- IMDb.
Smashing the O-line: "Two reporters of divergent morals investigate a drug ring, delving deeper into the underworld in the process." -- IMDb.
Eight hours of terror: "The plot concerns a passenger train which is stalled when a typhoon wrecks the tracks. The commuters are offloaded onto a shuttle bus, which is then taken over by a pair of sadistic gangsters." -- IMDb.
Tokyo knights: "When Kōji is dragged back from studying in America following the death of his father, the president of a construction company, he not only has to cope with the trials of setting into his educational environment at a Catholic Mission School, but also led his hand to the running of the family business. Meanwhile he notices the acting manager, Mishima, getting a little too close for comfort to his bereaved step mother, Rie, and also to the rival Tokutake enterprise who are vying for the same lucrative government bid." -- container.
The man with a shotgun: "Ryoji, a wanderer, arrives in a remote mountain town, carrying a shotgun and claiming to be a hunter. He quickly becomes embroiled in a web of trouble surrounding the town's mill." -- IMDb.
[Disc 1]. The sleeping beast within (1960, 88 min.)
Smashing the O-line (1960, 87 min.)
[disc 2]. Eight hours of terror (1957, 77 min.)
Tokyo knights (1961, 87 min.)
The man with a shotgun (1961, 84 min.)
The Sleeping beast within: Hiroyuki Nagato, Kazuko Yoshiyuki, Shôichi Ozawa, Shinsuke Ashida, Hisano Yamaoka.
Smashing the O-line: Hiroyuki Nagato, Yuji Kodaka, Sanae Nakahara, Mayumi Shimizu.
Tokyo knights: Kôji Wada, Mayumi Shimizu, Yôko Minamida, Nobuo Kaneko, Yoshiko Nezu, Shôichi Ozawa.
The man with a shotgun: Hideaki Nitani, Izumi Ashikawa, Yuji Kodaka, Yôko Minamida, Akio Tanaka, Eiji Gô.
The sleeping beast within: screenwriter, Ichirô Ikeda ; producer, Takiko Mizunoe ; cinematography, Shigeyoshi Mine ; music, Hajime Kaburagi ; composer, Hajime Kaburagi ; film editor, Akira Suzuki.
Smashing the O-line: screenwriters, Gorô Tanada, Yasuro Yokoyama ; producer, Shôzô Ashida ; cinematography: Shigeyoshi Mine, Toshitarô Nakao ; composer, Taiichirô Kosugi ; film editor, Akira Suzuki.
Eight hours of terror: screenwriters, Gorô Tanada, Rokurô Tsukiji ; producer, Kenzô Asada ; cinematography: Kazue Nagatsuka ; composer, Takio Niki ; film editor, Akira Suzuki.
Tokyo knights: screenwriters, Kenzaburo Hara, Iwao Yamazaki ; producer, Hideo Koi ; cinematography, Kazue Nagatsuka ; composer, Seitarô Ômori ; editor, Akira Suzuki.
The man with a shotgun: screenwriters, Yoshikazu Ishii, Takeo Matsuura ; producer, Kaneo Iwai ; cinematography, Shigeyoshi Mine ; composer, Masayoshi Ikeda ; editor, Akira Suzuki.
The sleeping beast within: originally released as a motion picture in 1960 ; Wind-of-Youth group crosses the mountain pass: originally released as a motion picture in 1961 ; Teenage yakuza: originally released as a motion picture in 1962 ; Incorrigible: originally released as a motion picture in 1963 ; Born under crossed stars: originally released as a motion picture in 1965.
Issued by the publisher as two discs of a four-disc DVD/Blu-ray combination pack.
Special edition contents: high-definition DVD 1080p; newly translated optional English subtitles; audio commentary by critic and author Jasper Sharp on Born Under Crossed Stars; Tony Rayns on the Youth Movies : the critic and historian discusses the background to the films, their place within Suzuki's career and the talent involved with them ; trailers ; stills gallery ; 60-page illustrated collector's book featuring new writing by Jasper Sharp.
Local notes:
University of Pennsylvania Libraries have cataloged the DVDs and the Blu-ray discs separately.
Suzuki, Seijun, 1923-2017, film director.
Mizunoe, Takiko, 1915-2009, film producer.
Ashida, Shōzō, film producer.
Asada, Kenzō, film producer.
Koi, Eisei, 1908-1992, film producer.
Iwai, Kaneo, film producer.
Ikeda, Ichirō, 1923-1989, screenwriter.
Tanada, Goro, screenwriter.
Yokoyama, Yasuro, screenwriter.
Tsukiji, Rokurô , screenwriter.
Hara, Kenzaburo, screenwriter.
Yamasaki, Iwao, 1894-1968, screenwriter.
Ishii, Yoshikazu, screenwriter.
Matsuura, Takeo, screenwriter.
Nagatsuka, Kazue, cinematographer.
Mine, Shigeyoshi, cinematographer.
Suzuki, Akira, 1928-2014, editor of moving image work.
Kaburagi, Hajime, composer (expression)
Kosugi,Taiichirô, composer (expression)
Niki, Takio, 1901-1958, composer (expression)
Nagato, Hiroyuki, 1934-2011, actor.
Yoshiyuki, Kazuko, 1935- actor.
Ozawa, Shōichi, 1929-2012, actor.
Ashida, Shinsuke, 1917-1999, actor.
Nakahara, Sanae, 1935-2012, actor.
Shimizu, Mayumi, actor.
Kaneko, Nobuo, 1923-1995, actor.
Kondō, Hiroshi, 1928- actor.
Nitani, Hideaki, actor.
Wada, Koji, 1944-1986, actor.
Minamida, Yōko, 1933-2009, actor.
Ashikawa, Izumi, 1935- actor.
Goh, Eiji, actor.
Sharp, Jasper, 1971- commentator (expression), writer of supplementary textual content (expression)
Rayns, Tony, commentator (expression)
Nikkatsu Kabushiki Kaisha, production company.
Arrow Video (Firm), publisher.
Container of: Kemono no nemuri (Motion picture : 1960)
Container of: Mikkō zerorain (Motion picture : 1960)
Container of: Hachijikan no kyōfu (Motion picture : 1957)
Container of: Tokyo naito (Motion picture : 1961)
Container of: Shotto gan no otoko (Motion picture : 1961)
Container of:けものの眠り(Motion picture : 1960)
Container of:密航0ライン (Motion picture : 1960)
Container of:8時間の恐怖 (Motion picture : 1957)
Container of:東京騎士隊 (Motion picture : 1961)
Container of:散弾銃の男 (Motion picture : 1961)
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FCD1731 Arrow Films (set)
AV141/B Arrow Films (disc 1 ; DVD)
AV141/D Arrow Films (disc 2 ; DVD)
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