Plant Chemical Genomics [electronic resource] : Methods and Protocols / edited by Glenn R Hicks, Stéphanie Robert.

Totowa, NJ : Humana Press : Imprint: Humana Press, 2014.
1 online resource (XI, 269 pages) : 169 illustrations, 13 illustrations in color.
Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods and Protocols, 1064-3745 ; 1056
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Methods in Molecular Biology, Methods and Protocols, 1064-3745 ; 1056
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Plant Chemical Genomics: Methods and Protocols , expert researchers in the field detail many of the techniques used for identification of bioactive compounds from a large selection of fields in plant biology including plant pathogenesis, immune responses, small RNA processing, endomembrane trafficking, lipids, plant hormone signaling and cell wall. The presentation of these and other examples as well as synthetic chemistry, computation and target identification provides a comprehensive overview of the practical aspects of chemical biology that are possible in plant systems. Small molecules and natural products that produce a phenotype in plants have been known for decades. The agrichemical industry has utilized small molecules based on known natural molecules such as auxins, cytokinins, abscissic acid and other growth regulators. In recent years, the screening and characterization of novel small molecules has enhanced our understanding of protein function, metabolic, signaling and endomembrane pathways, and their interactions in basic plant research. Written in the highly successful Methods in Molecular Biology series format, chapters include introductions to their respective topics, lists of the necessary materials and reagents, step-by-step, readily reproducible laboratory protocols, and key tips on troubleshooting and avoiding known pitfalls.
Fully-automated Compound Screening in Arabidopsis thaliana Seedlings
Time-profiling Fluorescent Reporters in the Arabidopsis Root
Screening for Bioactive Small Molecules by in vivo Monitoring of Luciferase-based Reporter Gene Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana
Application of Yeast-two Hybrid Assay to Chemical Genomic Screens: A High-throughput System to Identify Novel Molecules Modulating Plant Hormone Receptor Complexes
High-throughput Screening of Small Molecule Libraries for Inducers of Plant Defense Responses
Using a Reverse Genetics Approach to Investigate Small Molecule Activity
Investigating the Phytohormone Ethylene Response Pathway by Chemical Genetics
Screening for Inhibitors of Chloroplast Galactolipid Synthesis Acting in membrano and in Planta
Forward Chemical Screening of Small RNA Pathways
Identification and Use of Fluorescent Dyes for Plant Cell Wall Imaging Using High-Throughput Screening
High-throughput Identification of Chemical Endomembrane Cycling Disruptors Utilizing Tobacco Pollen
Plant Chemical Genomics: Gravity Sensing and Response
Screening Chemical Libraries for Compounds that Affect Protein Sorting to the Yeast Vacuole
The use of Multi-drug Approach to Uncover New Players of the Endomembrane System Trafficking Machinery
Cheminformatic Analysis of High-Throughput Compound Screens
Endomembrane Dissection Using Chemically-Induced Bioactive Clusters
Statistical Molecular Design: A Tool to Follow Up Hits From Small Molecule Screening
Early Stage Hit Triage for Plant Chemical Genetic Screens and Target Site Identification
Screening for Gene Function using the FOX (Full-length cDNA OvereXpressor gene) Hunting System
Quantification of Stable Isotope Label in Metabolites via Mass Spectrometry
1H NMR Based Metabolomics Methods for Chemical Genomics Experiments
Determination of Auxin Transport Parameters on the Cellular Level
Analyzing the in vivo Status of Exogenously Applied Auxins: A HPLC-based Method to Characterize the Intracellularly Localized Auxin Transporters.
Hicks, Glenn R. editor.
Robert, Stéphanie. editor.
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