Ribozyme Protocols [electronic resource] / edited by Philip C. Turner.

Totowa, NJ : Humana Press, 1997.
1 online resource (XIV, 492 pages) : 54 illustrations.
Methods in Molecular Biology™, 1064-3745 ; 74
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Methods in Molecular Biology™, 1064-3745 ; 74
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Ribozyme Protocols brings together a broad spectrum of essential and easily reproducible techniques currently used by leading researchers to manipulate RNA molecules and to inactivate gene expression in vivo. The methods collected here range from theoretical design to clinical application and include the synthesis and assay of ribozymes, as well as their use both in vitro and in vivo. Each method is presented by an expert with substantial hands-on experience and in far greater detail than is generally to be found in the research literature. Ribozyme Protocols will help all investigators perform meaningful and successful experiments using ribozymes in both clinical and basic research, as well as launch fresh application initiatives. It is certain to be found indispensable not only by those workers new to the field, but also by experienced researchers who wish to expand their range of expertise.
Computer-Aided Calculation of the Local Folding Potential of Target RNA and Its Use for Ribozyme Design
Computational Approaches to the Identification of Ribozyme Target Sites
Computer Analysis of the Conservation and Uniqueness of Ribozyme-Targeted HIV Sequences
Selection of Accessible Sites for Ribozymes on Large RNA Transcripts
Selection of Efficient Ribozyme Cleavage Sites in Target RNAs
Chemical Synthesis, Analysis, and Purification of Ribozymes
A Practical Method for the Production of RNA and Ribozymes
Preparation of Templates for Production of Ribozymes and Substrates
Enzymatic Synthesis and Characterization of Unmodified Ribozymes and Substrates
T7 Transcript Length Determination Using Enzymatic RNA Sequencing
Chemical and Enzymatic Approaches to Construct Modified RNAs
Applications of Modified Transcripts
Cloning Strategies for Catalytic Antisense RNAs
PCR-Based Construction of Long Hammerhead Ribozymes
Design and Production of Asymmetric Hammerhead Ribozymes
Minimized Hammerhead Ribozymes
Design of Hairpin Ribozymes for In Vitro and Cellular Applications
Design of the Hairpin Ribozyme for Targeting Specific RNA Sequences
Design and Preparation of Sequence-Specific RNase P Ribozymes
Theoretical Considerations in Measuring Reaction Parameters
Experimental Approaches for Measuring Reaction Parameters
Determination of Catalytic Parameters for Hairpin Ribozymes
Characterizing Ribozyme Cleavage Reactions
Defining Optimum Reaction Conditions for Hammerhead Ribozymes
Using Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer to Investigate Hammerhead Ribozyme Kinetics
Design of Hybridizing Arms in Hammerhead Ribozymes
Optimization of Hammerhead Flanking Sequences Using Oligonucleotide Facilitators
Enhancement of Ribozyme Function by RNA Binding Proteins
Selection of Fast-Hybridizing Complementary RNA Species In Vitro
In Vitro Selection of Hairpin Ribozymes
The Detection of Hammerhead Ribozyme Cleavage by RT-PCR Methods
Detection of Ribozyme Cleavage Products Using Reverse Ligation-Mediated PCR (RL-PCR)
Quantitation of Ribozyme Target Abundance by QCPCR
Trans-Splicing Reactions by Ribozymes
Ligation of RNA Molecules by the Hairpin Ribozyme
Mutagenesis and Modeling of the Hairpin Ribozyme Family
Preparation of Homogeneous Ribozyme RNA for Crystallization
Establishing Suitability of RNA Preparations for Crystallization
A Sparse Matrix Approach to Crystallizing Ribozymes and RNA Motifs
Crystallographic Analyses of Chemically Synthesized Modified Hammerhead RNA Sequences as a General Approach Toward Understanding Ribozyme Structure and Function
tRNA Delivery Systems for Ribozymes
Expressing Ribozymes in Plants
Using Microinjection of Xenopus Oocytes to Express and Optimize Ribozymes In Vivo
Exogenous Cellular Delivery of Ribozymes and Ribozyme Encoding DNAs
Optimization of Lipid-Mediated Ribozyme Delivery to Cells in Culture
Retroviral Delivery and Anti-HIV Testing of Hammerhead Ribozymes
Hairpin Ribozyme Gene Therapy for AIDS
Clinical Aspects of Ribozymes as Therapeutics in Gene Therapy.
Turner, Philip C. editor.
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