Rhodes must fall : the struggle to decolonise the racist heart of empire / written by the Rhodes Must Fall Movement, Oxford ; edited by Roseanne Chantiluke, Brian Kwoba and Athinangamso Nkopo.

Rhodes must fall movement.
London, UK : Zed Books Ltd, 2018.
xxii, 382 pages : illustration ; 22 cm
Student movements -- England -- Oxford.
Students -- Political activity -- England -- Oxford.
Postcolonialism -- England -- Oxford.
Iconoclasm -- England -- Oxford.
Blacks -- Race identity.
Rhodes, Cecil, 1853-1902 -- Statues.
University of Oxford.
When students at Oxford University called for a statue of Cecil Rhodes to be removed, following similar calls by students in Cape Town, the impact of these protests was felt across continents. This was not simply about tearing down an outward symbol of British imperialism--a monument glorifying a colonial conqueror--but about confronting the toxic inheritance of the past, and challenging the colonial ideologies that pervade universities today. And it went to the very heart of the pernicious influence of colonialism in education today. Written by key members of the movement in Oxford, Rhodes Must Fall is the story of that campaign. Showing the crucial importance of solidarity with sister movements in South Africa and beyond, this book shows what it means to boldly challenge the racism rooted deeply at the very heart of empire--back cover.
Preface / Kehinde Andrews
Introduction from the Editors / Roseanne Chantiluke, Brian Kwoba and Athinangamso Nkopo
Part I: Rhodes Must Fall In Oxford! : 1. Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford Founding Statement / RMFO
2. Protesting the Rhodes Statue at Oriel College / Ntokozo Qwabe 00 3. Wake Up, Rise Up / André Dallas
4. Skin Deep: The Black Women of Rhodes Must Fall in Oxford / Athinangamso Nkopo, Tadiwa Madenga and Roseanne Chantiluke
5. Dreaming Spires Remix / Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh
6. Ignorance Must Fall / Princess Ashilokun
7. Letter of Support: The Codrington Legacy in Oxford / Michelle Codrington
8. Codrington Conference: 'What is to be Done?' / Dr. Simukai Chigudu
9. Britain's Black Debt: Reparations Owed for the Crimes of Native Genocide and Chattel Slavery in the Caribbean / Sir Hilary McDonald Beckles KA
10. Reparations in the Space of the University in the Wake of Rhodes Must Fall / Patricial Daley
11. Interviewing for the Rhodes Scholarship / Julian Brave NoiseCat
12. The Rhodes Scholarship: A Silver Lining? / Brian Kwoba
13. Decolonising Whiteness: White Voices in Rhodes Must Fall / Arthur (Eirich), Anasstassia Baichorova, Claudio Sopranzetti, JanaLee Cherneski, Max Harris and Roné McFarlane
14. Anit-Blackness, Intersectionality and People of Colour Politics / Athinangamso Nkopo and Roseanne Chantiluke
Part II: Sister Movements : 15. Black Feminist Reflections on the Rhodes Must Fall Movement at UCT / Kealeboga Ramaru
16. Of Air. Running. Out. / Athinangamso Nkopo 17. Decolonising SOAS: Another University Is Possible / Akwugo Emejulu
18. Colston: What Can Britain Learn from France? / Olivette Otele
19. Student Voices from Decolonise Sussex / Lavie Williams, Isabelle Clark and Savannah Sevenzo
20. The Pro-Indo-Aryan Anti-Black M.K. Gandhi and Ghana's #GandhiMustFall Movement / Odádélé Kambon
21. Harvard: Reclaim Harvard and Royall Must Fall / Rena Karefa-Johnson
22. An Interview with Princeton's Black Justice League / Asanni York
23. #LeopoldMustFall: Queen Mary University of London / QM Pan-African Society
Part III: Global Reflections And Reverberations : 24. Resisting Neocolonialsim from Patrice Lumumba to #RhodesMustFall / Kofi Klu
25. Decolonising Mathematics / Kevin Minors
26. To Decolonise Math, Stand Up to its False History and Bad Philosophy / Chandra Kant Raju
27. Decolonising Pedagogy: An Open Letter to the Coloniser / Lwazi Lushaba
28. 'British Values' and Decolonial Resistance in the Classroom / Roseanne Chantiluke
29. Decolonising Reparations: Intersectionality and African Heritage Community Repairs / Esther Stanford-Xosei
30. Decolonisation, Palestine and the University / Anonymous
31. The Struggle to Decolonise West Papua / Benny Wenda
32. Why Does My University Uphold White Supremacy? The Violence of Whiteness at UCL / Ayo Olatunji.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 361-382).
Chantiluke, Roseanne, editor, contributor.
Kwoba, Brian, 1982- editor, contributor.
Nkopo, Athinangamso, editor, contributor.
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