250 piano pieces for Beethoven. Vol. 5 : international composition project / by Susanne Kessel ; editor, publisher: Nikolas Sideris.

Other Title:
Two hundred fifty piano pieces for Beethoven
London : Editions Musica Ferrum, [2018] , ©2018
Musical score
1 score (189 pages) ; 31 cm
Piano music.
Prepared piano music.
Piano music.
Prepared piano music.
Art music.
Art music.
Staff notation; Graphic notation.
International composition project initiated by the pianist Susanne Kessel (Bonn)\; vol. 1 published 2015. 250 contemporary composers are invited to write a piano piece relating to Beethoven. The project will be finished in 2020, the 250th anniversary of Beethoven's birth.
Kannst du mich noch hören? / Bruce Broughton
...con brio / Alois Bröder
131 / Wolfgang Fuhr
Happy birthday, Lühdobichi!! / Koki Fujimoto
Widmung an einen Titan / Alexandros Georgiadis
Presto con fuoco / Gonzalo Gimenez
An die Hoffnung / Hans-Henning Ginzel
Behauptung und Nachtrag X / Georg Graewe
Ludwig, wann? / Leon Gurvitch
Tango-toccata on Für Elise / Matt Herskowitz
110 / Friedrich Jaecker
an-denken / Elias Jurgschat
Für... / Jann Mannee
Backstage / Domenico Melchiorre
An die ferne Schwester / Gilead Mishory
Kyrie eleison / Wolfgang Niedecken
Überm Sternenzelt : improvisation on W. Niedecken's Kyrie eleison / Susanne Kessel
Bagatelle / Gwyn Pritchard
Mondschein-Widerschein : quasi una fantasia / Damian Scholl
vervorstellung.imitat / Johannes Schropp
Capriccio appassionato / Simona Simonini
L. van B. / Pierre Thilloy
Alaq II / Hakan Ulus
Short Beethoven piece / Christian Wolff
The last thunderstorm / Carol Worthey
In memoriam Ludwig van Beethoven / Khadija Zeynalova.
Includes preface in English and German; biographies and composer's notes in English.
Georgiadis's, Scholl's, and Simonini's works are played partially inside the piano on the strings.
Graewe's work incorrectly identified in the index as Behauptung und Nachtrag III; it is, in fact, number 10.
Jurgschat's work for partially prepared piano; reproduced from manuscript.
In Niedecken's work, "the pianist should improvise, based on any Kyrie eleison," while (s)he, or someone else recited text below." The text is in German. Kessel's work can be played instead of the pianist playing his own improvisation. It can also be played as a solo piano piece without the text. Kessel's work played partially inside the piano.
Schropp's work requires the pianist to wear a cardboard box on their head with a print of Beethoven's death mask pasted to it and ear-clips which seal the ears entirely. Prior to the performance, the pianist or anybody else can request that the entire audience cover their ears for the duration of the piece. The piano is prepared with small pieces of rubber, a plastic bag, and a piece of wood. The pianist performs both on the prepared piano and on an imaginary piano placed perpendicular to the real piano. At the end the pianist shouts at the audience in German. Graphic notation.
Ulus's work for piano prepared with rubber and tuning forks; performed primarily inside the piano with hands and tuning fork. Graphic notation. Reproduced from signed holograph.
Includes biographies and program notes by the composers.
Kessel, Susanne, 1970- organizer.
Sideris, Nikolas, 1977- editor.
Beethoven, Ludwig van, 1770-1827, honouree.
Container of: Broughton, Bruce, 1945-. Kannst du mich noch hören?
Container of: Bröder, Alois, 1961-. ... con brio.
Container of: Fuhr, Wolfgang, 1966-. 131.
Container of: Fujimoto, Koki, 1991-. Happy birthday, Lühdobichi!!.
Container of: Georgiadis, Alexandros, 1976-. Widmung an einen Titan.
Container of: Gimenez, Gonzalo, 1979-. Presto con fuoco.
Container of: Ginzel, Hans-Henning, 1988-. An die Hoffnung.
Container of: Graewe, Georg, 1956-. Behauptung + Nachtrag, no. 10
Container of: Gurvitch, Leon, 1979-. Ludwig, wann?
Container of: Herskowitz, Matt, 1968-. Tango-toccata on Für Elise.
Container of: Jaecker, Friedrich, 1950-. 110.
Container of: Jurgschat, Elias, 1995-. an-denken.
Container of: Mannee, Jan, 1962-. Für...
Container of: Melchiorre, Domenico, 1982-. Backstage.
Container of: Mishory, Gilead. An die ferne Schwester.
Container of: Niedecken, Wolfgang, 1951-. Kyrie eleison.
Container of: Kessel, Susanne, 1970-. Überm Sternenzelt.
Container of: Pritchard, Gwyn, 1948-. Bagatelle, piano
Container of: Scholl, Damian, 1988-. Mondschein-Widerschein.
Container of: Schropp, Johannes, 1997-. vervorstellung.imitat.
Container of: Simonini, Simona, 1943-. Capriccio appassionato.
Container of: Thilloy, Pierre, 1970-. L. van B.
Container of: Ulus, Hakan, 1991-. Alaq, no. 2
Container of: Wolff, Christian, 1934-. Short Beethoven piece.
Container of: Worthey, Carol, 1943-. Last thunderstorm.
Container of: Zeynalova, Khadija, 1975-. In memoriam Ludwig van Beethoven.
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