Yoga in transformation : historical and contemporary perspectives / Karl Baier, Philipp A. Maas, Karin Preisendanz (eds.).

Göttingen : V&R Unipress, [2018]
V & R academic.
Wiener Forum für Theologie und Religion ; Band 16.
V & R academic
Wiener Forum für Theologie und Religion ; Band 16
630 pages : illustrations (chiefly color) ; 24 cm.
Yoga -- History.
This volume explores aspects of yoga over a period of about 2500 years. In its first part, it investigates facets of the South Asian and Tibetan traditions of yoga, such as the evolution of posture practice, the relationship between yoga and sex, yoga in the theistic context, the influence of Buddhism on early yoga, and the encounter of Islam with classical yoga. The second part addresses aspects of modern globalised yoga and its historical formation, as for example the emergence of yoga in Viennese occultism, the integration of yoga and nature cure in modern India, the eventisation of yoga in a global setting, and the development of Patañjali?s iconography. In keeping with the current trend in yoga studies, the emphasis of the volume is on the practice of yoga and its theoretical underpinnings.
Some problematic yoga sutra and their Buddhist background / Dominik Wujastyk
"Sthirasukham Āsanam": posture and performance in classical yoga and beyond / Philipp A. Maas
The proliferation of Āsana-s in late-medieval yoga texts / Jason Birch
Yoga and sex: what is the purpose of Vajrolītnudrā? / James Mallinson
Yoga in the daily routine of the Pāñcarātrins / Marion Rastelli
The transformation of yoga in medieval Maharashtra / Catharina Kiehnle
On al-Bīrūnī's Kitāb Pātanğal and the Pātañjalayogaśastra / Philipp A. Maas, Noémie Verdon
Tibetan yoga: Somatic practice in Vajrayāna buddhism and Dzogchen / Ian A. Baker
Yoga within Viennese occultism: Carl Kellner and co. / Karl Baier
Yoga, nature cure and "perfect" health: the purity of the fluid body in an impure world / Joseph S. Alter
Sāmkhya in transcultural interpretation: Shri Anirvan (Śrī Anirvāna) and Lizelle Reymond / Maya Burger
Christian responses to yoga in the second half of the twentieth century / Anand Amaladass
Following the transcultural circulation of bodily practices: modern yoga and the corporeality of mantras / Beatrix Hauser
Living4giving : politics of affect and emotional regimes in global yoga / Anne Koch
Spaces of yoga: towards a non-essentialist understanding of yoga / Suzanne Newcombe
Nāga, Siddha and sage: visions of Patañjali as an authority on yoga / Gudrun Bühnemann.
International conference proceedings.
Includes bibliographical references.
Baier, Karl, editor.
Maas, Philipp André, editor.
Preisendanz, Karin, editor.
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