On land concentration and irresponsibility of political power, as causing the anomaly of a widespread state of want by the side of the vast supplies of nature.

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London, K. Paul, Trench, 1886.
xi, 293 p. 20 cm.
Land tenure -- England.
Agriculture -- England.
Great Britain -- Politics and government.
The agencies and spontaneous produce of nature
Combination of labour with the natural forming wealth
Classification of sources of wealth
The owner of land in relation to the land and its rent
The owner of capital in relation to his capital and the profits
The labourer in relation to his work and the wages
Concentration of basis of the Constitution
Effects of concentration of property...and of distribution of capital
Process of conversion of large feudal occupancies
Distribution of the land...according to priority of rights acquired by labour
Irresponsibility of a legislative assembly, arising from hereditary political power
Baneful effect of irresponsibility in political institutions
Proposed abolition of all hereditary political power
Schemes of socialism, or communism of property
The land viewed in connection with the burthens [burdens] and public services which should be met out of its produce
Proposed new basis of general taxation
Progress of society in its intellectual, social, and political relations to the present day
A social compact proved to be the foundation of all political rights
Sovereignty of the people and distribution of property
Concentration of property in land and irresponsibility of political power
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