Price collection of architectural drawings and paper, [ca.

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Drawings cataloged by specific architectural project. RLIN visual materials file.
This record is parent to x VIM records for drawings associated with the Price family of architects, including Walter F. Price, William L. Price, Frank L. Price, and William W. Price. The largest portion of work appears to be associated with Walter F. Price, practicing by himself, with William McKee Walton, and briefly with William W. Price. A representation of projects exist for William L. Price practicing alone, with Chester H. Kirk, or with brother Frank L. Price. William W. Price is represent practicing by himself, and in one project associated with D. Owen Stephens. But a significant portion of the collection includes drawings from the firm Price (William W.) and Dickey (John M.). Additional holdings from Price & Dickey are held at the Athenaeum in the separate John M. Dickey architectural archives.
The papers and photographs included in this collection remain largely unprocessed, but appear to be primarily from Walter F. Price.
Local notes:
Athenaeum copy: Gift of the descendants,
Rice, Frank L.
Price, Walter F., 1857-1951.
Price, William L., 1861-1916.
Price, William (William W.)
Dickey, John M. (John Miller), 1911-1990.
Kirk, Chester H.
Price & Dickey.
Price & Walton.
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