New York and New Jersey architecture collection [ca. 1845-1916]

[ca. 1845-1916]
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Drawings cataloged by specific architectural project, if known. RLIN visual materials file.
Houses -- New Jersey.
Houses -- New York -- New York -- Manhattan.
Retail buildings -- New York -- New York -- Manhattan.
Architecture, Modern -- 19th century -- Designs and plans.
Architecture, Modern -- 20th century -- Designs and plans.
Architectural drawings -- American.
This record is parent to 43 architectural project records, including many for unidentified structures/architects/clients. Also included are two records for prints, one a perspective section illustrating use of the Springfield Gas Machine, and the second an ofprint from Harper's weekly of the Navy of the United States 1897 by W. Louis Sonntag, Jr. Maps and a third print remain uncataloged.
For a list of the records associated with this collection search the RLIN VIM file, using the command "FIN CIN NYA#".
Architects known & identified within this collection include New Jersey architects James L. Brush, Alexander Merchant, and John Noble Pierson, as well as New York architects N.G. Foster, William W. Gardiner, Frederick Schmidt, King & Kellum or Kellum and Son, Calvin Pollard, and Samuel A. Warner. A subcontractor's drawing from the Atlantic Terra Cotta Co. lists Chicago architect George C. Nimmons & Co. for a dwelling for Sears, Roebuck & Co. Nimmons is known as the architect of at least one other Sears structure on the East coast, the Sears building on Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia, imploded in 1994. Many of the New York City buildings appear to be for structures to be built in the lower sections of Manhattan, and include rowhouses and double houses, as well as commercial buildings which probably had living spaces on the upper floors. Many of the unidentified drawings in this collection show similarities in drawing style to some of the identified sets, and may be documented with further research.
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Athenaeum copy: Gift of William H. Tietjen,
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