The Eckert-Tarrant House, 38 Catharine Street, Southwark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [graphic] / Price & Dickey, Architects, Media, Pennsyvlania, under direction of the National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior, Historic American Buildings Survey.

Historic American Buildings Survey.
3 photomechanical reproductions : blueline print ; 46 x 56 cm.
Historic American Buildings Survey. Historic American buildings survey. HABS-PA-1554.
Historic American Buildings Survey. Historic American buildings survey. HABS-PA-1554
Contained In:
Historic American Buildings Survey. Historic American buildings survey.
Dickey, John M. Architectural archives.

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Historic houses -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia.
Architecture, American -- 18th century -- Designs and plans.
Local subjects:
38 Catharine St. (Southwark, Philadelphia, Pa.). (search)
Eckert-Tarrant House (Southwark, Philadelphia, Pa.). (search)
Architectural drawings -- American.
Survey drawings.
Blueline prints.
Drawings have: "Drawn by: Thomas M. Osborn, August 1966."
HABS survey number not yet present on this set from the creator's office for the original HABS project.
This set of HABS building survey drawings has been compiled as part of a larger set which documents the HABS survey of several buildings in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area community of Southwark. This collection of building project sets is collated in a binder and entitled, Southwark, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with the Historical American Building Survey and the architectural firm of Price & Dickey given as creators. Accompanying the set is a reprint from the American Philosophical Society. Proceedings, v. 114, no. 4, Aug. 1970, entitled, Southwark, a river community: its shape and substance by Margaret B. Tinkcom. Other Price & Dickey HABS projects included in the Southwark sets are: The Marks-Dunbar House, The Maxfield-Elliot House, Jesse Godley Warehouse, the Nathaniel Irish House, the Jonathan Paschall House, the Murphy-Johnson House, the Duche-Walker House, Donaldson Houses, and the Warehouse at 320 South Water Street.
Forms part of: Historic American Buildings Survey. Southwark, Philadelphia, Pa.
Forms part of: Dickey, John M. Architectural archives.
Penn Provenance:
Athenaeum purchase,
Cited in:
Stamm checklist (Historic America) p.588, HABS-PA-1554
Osborn, Thomas M.
Price & Dickey.