[Stores on Union Square, Manhattan, New York, N.Y.] [graphic]

[ca. 1850]
7 drawings : ink & pencil on paper ; 95.5 x 73 cm. overall or smaller
Retail stores -- New York -- New York -- Manhattan.
Local subjects:
17th St. & 4th Ave. (Union Square, Manhattan, New York, N.Y.). (search)
Title from drawing NYA*008*004, which has a note within the plan "Store on Union Square". Another note for the neighboring store within the building plan states "corner store". Other drawings within this collection show elevation designs for a building of the mass & style appropriate to a store building on Union Square. Three different elevations have been included here, which match the overall building measurements given on the plans. Drawing NYA*008*001 is an "elevation on 17th Street" which most closely corresponds to the possible Union Square elevation & entrances to these stores. Another elevation for 17th St. and one on 4th Ave. do no visually match the first elevation, but may have been design variants. These drawings could place the store building on the north side of 17th on Union Square, with the longer elevation on 4th Avenue.
The architect is unknown, but might be William W. Gardiner, known from other drawings in this collection to have been practicing in this area of Manhattan, New York, N.Y. Drawing style is also similar to Gardiner's. No dates are given on the drawings. The publication Architects in Practice, New York City, 1840-1900 (1979) lists a Gardiner structure on E. 19th St. ca. 1856-1866, suggesting a date for these drawings around 1850.
Cited in:
Laverty, v.1, p.,13, NYA*008/007
Gardiner, William W.
Contained In:
New York and New Jersey architecture collection.
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