The hydrogen atom : precision physics of simple atomic systems / S. G. Karshenboim [and four others] (editors).

1st ed. 2001.
Berlin : Springer, [2001]
Lecture notes in physics ; 570.
Lecture notes in physics ; 570
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Hydrogen -- Spectra.
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For more than a century, studies of atomic hydrogen have been a rich source of scientific discoveries. These began with the Balmer series in 1885 and the early quantum theo- ries of the atom, and later included the development of QED and the first successful gauge field theory. Today, hydrogen and its relatives continue to provide new fundamental information, as witnessed by the contributions to this book. The printed volume contains invited reviews on the spectroscopy of hydrogen, muonium, positronium, few-electron ions and frequency metrology and the determination of fundamental constants. The accompanying CD contains, in addition to these reviews, a further 40 contributed papers also presented at the conference "Hydrogen Atom 2" held in summer 2000. Finally, to facilitate a historical comparison, the CD also contains the proceedings of the first "Hydrogen Atom" conference of 1988. The book includes a foreword by Norman F. Ramsey.
to Simple Atoms
to Simple Atoms
Hydrogen and Helium
Precision Spectroscopy of Atomic Hydrogen
Ultracold Hydrogen
Review of High Precision Theory and Experiment for Helium
Positronium and Muonium
Spectroscopy of the Muonium Atom
Experimental Tests of QED in Positronium: Recent Advances
Fundamental Constants and Frequency Metrology
A New Type of Frequency Chain and Its Application to Fundamental Frequency Metrology
Fundamental Constants and the Hydrogen Atom
Present Status of g — 2 of Electron and Muon
Few-Electron Highly-Charged Ions
Laser Spectroscopy of Hydrogen-Like and Helium-Like Ions
The g Factor of Hydrogenic Ions: A Test of Bound State QED
Exotic Atoms
Elementary Relativistic Atoms
Antiprotonic Helium — An Exotic Hydrogenic Atom
Hydrogen and Helium
Towards a Precise Measurement of the He+ 2S Lamb Shift
High Precision Measurements on Helium at 1083 nm
Absolute Frequency Measurement of the 1S-3S Transition in Hydrogen
2s Hyperfine Structure in Hydrogen Atom and Helium-3 Ion
Three-Loop Slope of the Dirac Form Factor and the 1S Lamb Shift in Hydrogen
Radiative Decay of Coupled States in an External dc Field
Atomic Interferometer and Coherent Mixing of 2S and 2P States in the Hydrogen Atom
Ground State Energy of the Helium Atom
Muonium and Positronium
Two-Loop Corrections to the Decay Rate of Orthopositronium
Recent Results in Positronium Theory
Test of CPT and Lorentz Invariance from Muonium Spectroscopy
Positronium: Theory Versus Experiment
Highly Accurate Theoretical Simulation of the Resonant Multiphoton Ionization Processes With Simplest Atoms
Muonic Atoms
Time-of-Flight Spectroscopy of Muonic Hydrogen Atoms and Molecules
Hyperfine Structure in Muonic Hydrogen
Towards a Measurement of the Lamb Shift in Muonic Hydrogen
Exotic Atoms
Antihydrogen Production and Precision Spectroscopy with ATHENA/AD-1
Precision Spectroscopy of X-rays from Antiprotonic Hydrogen
Charged Pion Mass Determination and Energy — Calibration Standards Based on Pionic X-ray Transitions
Pionic Hydrogen: Status and Outlook
Antiprotonic Helium “Atomcule”: Relativistic and QED Effects
Towards Laser Spectroscopy of Antihydrogen
Hyperfine Structure Measurements of Antiprotonic Helium and Antihydrogen
Precision Spectroscopy, Fundamental Constants and Fundamental Symmetry
Indium Single-Ion Optical Frequency Standard
Matter Neutrality Test Using a Mach-Zehnder Interferometer
Relativistic Corrections in Atoms and Space-Time Variation of the Fine Structure Constant
Frequency Comparison and Absolute Frequency Measurement of I2-stabilized Lasers at 532 nm
Few-Electron Ions
A QED Calculation of Electron Interaction for He-Like and Li-Like Highly Charged Ions
The gJ Factor of an Electron Bound in Hydrogen-Like Carbon: Status of the Theoretical Predictions
Second-Order Self-Energy Calculations for Tightly Bound Electrons in Hydrogen-Like Ions
Lamb Shift in Light Hydrogen-Like Atoms
The g Factor of a Bound Electron in a Hydrogen-Like Atom
Laser Spectroscopy of the 2S Lamb Shift in Hydrogenic Silicon
Ground-State Hyperfine Structure of Heavy Hydrogen-Like Ions
Measurement of the 1s2p 3P0 - 3P1 Fine Structure Interval in Helium-Like Magnesium
Towards a Precision Measurement of the Lamb Shift in Hydrogen-Like Nitrogen
Absolute Test of Quantum Electrodynamics for Helium-Like Vanadium
Relativistic Recoil Corrections to the Atomic Energy Levels
X-Ray Spectroscopy of Hydrogen-Like Ions in an Electron Beam Ion Trap
Advanced Quantum Mechanics and QED
CPT-Invariant Eight-Component Two-Fermion Equation
The Two-Time Green’s Function and Screened Self-Energy for Two-Electron Quasi-Degenerate States
Higher-Order Stark Effect on Magnetic Fine Structure of the Helium Atom
Radiation Properties of Diamagnetic Manifolds in Atomic Hydrogen: Line Intensity Dependence on a Magnetic Field
Precise Evaluation of the Electron (g - 2) at 4 loops: The Algebraic Way
Relativistic Dipole Dynamic Polarizabilities of Lowest ns 1/2-States in Hydrogen-Like Atoms
Loop-After-Loop Contribution to the Second-Order Self-Energy in Hydrogen.
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