Rotating Objects and Relativistic Physics [electronic resource] : Proceedings of the El Escorial Summer School on Gravitation and General Relativity 1992: Rotating Objects and Other Topics Held at El Escorial, Spain, 24–28 August 1992 / edited by F.J. Chinea, L.M. Gonzales-Romero.

El Escorial Summer School on Gravitation and General Relativity 1992: Rotating Objects and Other Topics Corporate Author
1st ed. 1993.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 1993.
Conference Name:
El Escorial Summer School on Gravitation and General Relativity 1992: Rotating Objects and Other Topics
El Escorial Summer School on Gravitation and General Relativity 1992: Rotating Objects and Other Topics
Lecture Notes in Physics, 0075-8450 ; 423
Lecture Notes in Physics, 0075-8450 ; 423
1 online resource (XII, 308 p. 13 illus.)
Quantum physics.
Quantum computers.
Observations, Astronomical.
Local subjects:
Classical and Quantum Gravitation, Relativity Theory.
Mathematical Methods in Physics.
Numerical and Computational Physics, Simulation.
Quantum Physics.
Quantum Information Technology, Spintronics.
Astronomy, Observations and Techniques.
This book addresses physicists working in general relativity, astrophysics and cosmology. The contributions are based on reports given at a summer school the goal of which was to review modern research for students. The school was centered on the study of gravitational fields corresponding to rotating objects of astrophysical interest, under different viewpoints: theoretical, numerical and observational. Special emphasis is put on the analysis of interior and exterior fields of stationary axisymmetric systems. Lectures and contributions, collected here in Part I, ranged from basic information useful to newcomers to technical points pertaining to current research in this area. Part II contains lectures and contributions on other aspects of gravitation theory.
Equilibrium configurations of general relativistic rotating stars
Axisymmetric stationary solutions of Einstein's equations
The dyadic approach to solutions for rotating rigid bodies
Stationary and axisymmetric perfect-fluid solutions to Einstein's equations
Black-Holes in X-Ray Binaries
General relativistic stationary axisymmetric rotating systems
The superposition of two Kerr-Newman solutions
Stationary black holes rotate differentially
Differentially rotating perfect fluids
Rotating barotropes
Matching of stationary axisymmetric space-times
Axial symmetry and conformal killings
Numerical relativistic hydrodynamics
Singularity-free spacetimes
On radiative solutions in general relativity
Application of Wahlquist-Estabrook method to relativity vacuum equations with one Killing vector
On the regularity of spherically symmetric static spacetimes
Shock capturing methods in 1D numerical relativity
Invariance transformations of the class y? = F(x) y N of differential equations arising in general relativity
Relativistic Kinetic Theory and cosmology
Colliding gravitational waves with variable polarization
The monopole — Quadrupole solution of Einstein's equations
Effective action methods in cosmology: The back-reaction problem
Quantization in a colliding plane wave spacetime
Coleman's mechanism in Jordan-Brans-Dicke gravity
No-boundary condition in multidimensional gravity
Distance of matter inside an Einstein-Strauss vacuole
Conformally stationary cosmological models
L-Rigidity in Newtonian approximation
Presymplectic manifolds and conservation laws
On a project for a repetition of the Michelson - Morley experiment
Nonlinear evolution of cosmological inhomogeneities
The great attractor and the COBE quadrupole.
Bibliographic Level Mode of Issuance: Monograph
Chinea, F.J. editor., Editor,
Gonzales-Romero, L.M. editor., Editor,
Publisher Number:
10.1007/3-540-57364-X doi
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