Recent Developments in High Temperature Superconductivity [electronic resource] : Proceedings of the 1st Polish-US Conference Held at Wrocław and Duszniki Zdrój, Poland, 11–15 September 1995 / edited by Jan Klamut, Boyd W. Veal, Bodgan M. Dabrowski, Piotr W. Klamut, Maciej Kazimierski.

1st ed. 1996.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 1996.
Lecture Notes in Physics, 0075-8450 ; 475
Lecture Notes in Physics, 0075-8450 ; 475
1 online resource (XIV, 362 p. 50 illus.)
Chemistry, Physical organic.
Particle acceleration.
Local subjects:
Strongly Correlated Systems, Superconductivity.
Engineering, general.
Physical Chemistry.
Particle Acceleration and Detection, Beam Physics.
This book contains rewiev articles presenting the current status of high-temperature superconductivity research. The articles cover synthesis issues, materials properties and most fundamental theoretical problems. Applications of high- temperature superconductors are also reflected in several contributions. The book addresses researchers working in fundamental research in solid-state physics as well as engineers developing new materials for industrial applications.
Structural features that optimize high temperature superconductivity
Role of doping, pressure and van Hove singularities on highest Tc materials
Localized-itinerant electronic transitions in perovskites
Overview of recent magnetic studies of high T c cuprate parent compounds and related materials
HgBa2Can?1CunO2n+2+? and Y2Ba4Cu6+nO14+n single crystals: High pressure synthesis and properties
Tl-based high temperature superconducting cuprates: Structure and properties
Hydrogen in high-T c superconductors
The superconductor-insulator transition in the LaSrCuO system
On the “s” and “d” wave symmetry in high-T c cuprate superconductors
Properties of infinite-layer and T?-phase electron-doped copper-oxide superconductors
Magnetically modulated microwave absorption MMMA in investigation of superconductors
Emerging applications of high temperature superconductors in electric power
Spin fluctuations and pairing in the cuprate superconductors: A progress report
Crossover from BCS superconductivity to superfluidity of local pairs
Electron-phonon interactions in correlated systems
Voltage-probe-position dependence and magnetic-flux contribution to the measured voltage in ac tansport measurements: Which measuring circuit determines the real losses?
Superconductivity in doped insulators
Superconducting properties of the weakly interacting charged boes gas
Universal properties of multilayer high-temperature superconductors: Transition, temperature and a spatial modulation of the gap
Driven motion of vortices in superconductors
Superconducting fraunhofer microscopy the one vortex problem
The impact of tailored defects on length scales and current conduction in high-Tc superconductors
Coexistence of superconductivity and magnetism in HTSC materials? ?SR and magnetooptical studies.
Bibliographic Level Mode of Issuance: Monograph
Klamut, Jan. editor., Editor,
Veal, Boyd W. editor., Editor,
Dabrowski, Bodgan M. editor., Editor,
Klamut, Piotr W. editor., Editor,
Kazimierski, Maciej. editor., Editor,
Publisher Number:
10.1007/BFb0102014 doi
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