Mathematical Problems in Theoretical Physics [electronic resource] : Proceedings of the International Conference on Mathematical Physics Held in Lausanne, Switzerland August 20–25, 1979 / edited by K. Osterwalder.

1st ed. 1980.
Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 1980.
Lecture Notes in Physics, 0075-8450 ; 116
Lecture Notes in Physics, 0075-8450 ; 116
1 online resource (VIII, 417 p. 4 illus.)
Mathematical physics.
Local subjects:
Theoretical, Mathematical and Computational Physics. (search)
Recent developments in quantum scattering theory
Schrödinger operators with electric or magnetic fields
A new method for asymptotic completeness
Pathological spectral properties
Proff that the H- ion has only one bound state: A review, a new result, and some related unsolved problems
Number of eigenvalues of many-body Hamiltonians and Efimov's effect
On the exponential fall off of wavefunctions and electron densities
Exact results for confining potentials
The quasi-classical limit of quantum scattering theory
Semiclassical quantum mechanics for coherent states
Random schrödinger operators some rigorous results
On the scattering problem with indefinite metric
Some open problems about Coulomb systems
Time dependent phenomena in statistical mechanics
Holonomic Quantum Fields — The unanticipated link between deformation theory of differential equations and quantum fields —
Instability of phase coexistence and translation invariance in two dimensions
Topology and defects in ordered media
Debye screening in classical statistical mechanics
Equilibrium properties of classical systems with long-range forces
On the lack of Fréchet differentiability in more phase regions
Long time tail for spacially inhomogeneous random walks
Why is there a solid state?
Some remarks on the surface tension
Analytic structure of Green's functions in quantum field theory
Constructive field theory
1/N expansion-some rigorous results
The renormalization group in the euclidean scalar superrenormalizable field theories
Expansion and summability methods in constructive field theory
The physical-region multiparticle S matrix
Quantized gauge fields: Results and problems
Clustering, charge-screening and the mass-spectrum in local quantum field theory
The ultraviolet stability bounds for some lattice ? - models and lattice Higgs-Kibble models
Mathematical aspects of quantum field theory in curved space-time
Classical and quantum aspects of the inverse scattering method
Magnetic monopoles and non-abelian gauge theories
to papers presented at the gauge theory session
The unification of physics
Gauge theories of gravitation
Supergravity as a gauge theory derived from matter coupling
Gravitational instantons: A survey
Instantons and line geometry
Geometric aspects of symmetry breaking in gauge theories
Invariance conditions for gauge fields
Nonlinear group representations and the linearizability of nonlinear equations
Determinants, Green Functions and induced action
Spin gauge theory of electric and magnetic spinors
Spin structures and gauge theory
Recent results on differentiable dynamical systems
On some systems motivated by the Lorenz equations: Numerical results
Properties of continuous maps of the interval to itself
Remarks on the accumulation of period-doubling bifurcations
An overview of supersymmetry and supergravity
Superspace aspects of supersymmetry and supergravity
Symmetries of supergravity models
A review of derivations
Thermal equilibrium and correlation inequalities
On the possible temperatures of a C*-dynamical system
A review on semigroups of completely positive maps
Pseudospaces, pseudogroups and pontriagin duality.
Osterwalder, K. editor., Editor,
Publisher Number:
10.1007/3-540-09964-6 doi
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