High spatial resolution remote sensing : data, analysis, and applications / edited by Yuhong He, Qihao Weng.

Boca Raton, FL : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, [2018]
Taylor & Francis series in imaging science
xxiii, 381 pages ; 24 cm.
Remote sensing.
Optical radar.
Environmental sciences -- Remote sensing.
"High spatial resolution data including those from satellite, manned aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) platforms provide a novel data source for addressing environmental questions with an unprecedented level of detail. To effectively utilize information contained in high spatial resolution imagery, some key questions must be addressed, including: (1) what are the challenges of using new sensors and new platforms? (2) what are the cutting-edge methods for fine-level information extraction from high spatial resolution images? and (3) how can high spatial resolution data improve the quantification and characterization of physical-environmental or human patterns and processes? The chapters in this book provide a snapshot of cutting-edge high spatial resolution remote sensing image collection, preprocessing, processing, and applications. This book intents to provide a useful benchmark for the high spatial resolution remote sensing community and inspire more studies that would address important scientific and technical challenges in use of high spatial remote sensing" -- From the publisher.
High resolution UAS imagery in agricultural research : concepts, issues and research directions / Michael P. Bishop [and 18 others]
Building a UAV-hyperspectral system I : UAV and sensor considerations / Cameron Proctor
Building a UAV-hyperspectral system II : hyperspectral sensor considerations and data preprocessing / Cameron Proctor
LiDAR and spectral data integration for coastal wetland assessment / Kunwar K. Singh, Lindsey Smart, and Gang Chen
Multi-view image matching for 3D earth surface reconstruction / Chuiqing Zeng and Jinfei Wang
High resolution radar data processing and applications / Joseph R. Buckley
Structure from motion techniques for estimating the volume of wood chips / Travis L. Howell, Kunwar K. Singh, and Lindsey Smart
A workflow to quantify the carbon storage in urban trees using multispectral ALS data / Xinqu Chen and Jonathan Li
Suitable spectral mixing space selection for linear spectral unmixing of fine-scale urban imagery / Jian Yang
Segmentation scale selection in geographic object-based image analysis / Xiuyuan Zhang, Shihong Du and Dongping Ming
Computer vision methodologies for automated processing of camera trap data : a technological review / Joshua Seltzer, Michael Guerzhoy, and Monika Havelka
UAV-based multispectral images for investigating grassland biophysical and biochemical properties / Bing Lu and Yuhong He
Inversion of a radiative transfer model using airborne hyperspectral data for grassland leaf chlorophyll / Alexander Tong, Bing Lu and Yuhong He
Wetland detection using high spatial resolution optical remote sensing imagery / Amy B. Mui
Geomorphic and biophysical characterization of wetland ecosystems with airborne LiDAR : concepts, methods, and a case study / Murray Richardson and Koreen Millard
Fraction vegetation cover extraction using high spatial resolution imagery in karst areas / Xiangkun Qi, Chunhua Zhang, Yuhong He and Kelin Wang
Using high spatial resolution imagery to estimate cherry orchard acreage in Michigan / Kin M. Ma.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
He, Yuhong, 1978- editor.
Weng, Qihao, editor.
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