Early women filmmakers : an international anthology / from Blackhawk Films ; presented by Flicker Alley ; curated by David Shepard ; produced by David Shepard for Film Preservation Associates, Inc. (Blackhawk Films) ; restored by Lobster Films.

Deluxe Blu-ray edition.
Los Angeles, CA : Flicker Alley, [2017]
3 videodiscs (652 min.) : sound, black and white and color ; 4 3/4 in.
4 3/4 in.
Women in the motion picture industry -- History.
Women motion picture producers and directors -- History.
Women in the motion picture industry.
Women motion picture producers and directors.
Short films.
Feature films.
Silent films.
Historical films.
Melodramas (Motion pictures)
Silhouette animation films.
Documentary films.
Experimental films.
Documentary films.
Experimental films.
Feature films.
Fiction films.
Historical films.
Melodramas (Motion pictures)
Nonfiction films.
Short films.
Silent films.
Silhouette animation films.
Short films.
Feature films.
Silent films.
Fiction films.
Historical films.
Melodramas (Motion pictures)
Silhouette animation films.
Documentary films.
Experimental films.
English intertitles; French intertitles on La cigarette and La souriante Mme. Beudet; Le roi des Aulnes in French; The stolen heart, Papageno and Tag der Freiheit in German; optional English subtitles.
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Blu-ray disc, NTSC, Region A; LPCM 2.0.
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"More women worked in film during its first two decades than at any time since. Unfortunately, many early women filmmakers have been largely written out of film history, their contributions undervalued. This necessary and timely collection highlights the work of 14 of early cinema's most innovative and influential women directors, re-writing and celebrating their rightful place in film history. International in scope, this groundbreaking collection features over 10 hours of material, comprised of 25 films spanning 1902-1943, including many rare titles not widely available until now, from shorts to feature films, live-action to animation, commercial narratives to experimental works."--Container.
disc 1. Les chiens savants = Miss Dundee and her performing dogs / Alice Guy Blaché (1902 ; 4:33 min.)
Une histoire roulant = A rolling story / Alice Guy Blaché (1906 ; 2:36 min.)
La barricade / Alice Guy Blaché (1907 ; 5:36 min.)
Falling leaves / Alice Guy Blaché (1912 ; 14:09 min.)
Making an American citizen / Alice Guy Blaché (1912 ; 14:18 min.)
The girl in the arm-chair / Alice Guy Blaché (1912 ; 12:56 min.)
Suspense / Lois Weber (1913 ; 10:21 min.)
Discontent / scenario, Lois Weber ; directed by Allen Siegler (1916 ; 24:50 min.)
The blot / written and directed by Lois Weber (1921 ; 93:36 min.)
Mabel's strange predicament / Keystone Film Company ; Mabel Normand (1914 ; 11:54 min.).
disc 2. The star prince / written and directed by Madeline Brandeis (1918 ; 58:11)
La cigarette / L'Alliance cinématographique catholique présente ; mise en scene de Germaine Dulac (1919 ; 50:02 min.)
La souriante Mme. Beudet = The smiling Madame Beudet / adaptation cinégraphique de André Obey ; réalisé par Germaine Dulac (1922 ; 42:39 min.)
The peasant women of Ryazan = [Baby ri︠a︡zanskie] / Sovkino First Factory Production ; scenario, Olga Vishnevskaya, Boris Altschuler ; direceted by Olga Preobrazhenskaia (1927 ; 88:21 min.).
disc 3. Le roi des Aulnes = The Erlking / Edmond Ratisbonne présente ; Marie-Louise Iribe (1929 ; 45:09 min.)
Harlequin : a silhouette film / by Lotte Reiniger (1931 ; 24:55 min.)
The stolen heart / Primrose Productions presents a Lotte Reiniger silhouette film (1934 ; 10:21 min.)
Papageno / Filmfantasie von Lotte Reiniger (1935 ; 10:49 min.)
Une nuit sur la Mont Chauve = A night on Bald Mountain / Alexeïeff et Parker présentent ; gravures animées de [Alexandre] Alexeieff et Claire Parker (1933 ; 9:21 min.)
The woman condemned / Wilis Kent presents ; a Progressive picture ; directed by Mrs. Wallace Reid (1934 ; 64:29 min.)
Tag der Freiheit = Day of freedom / / Leni Riefenstahl (1935 ; 16:58 min.)
Parabola / Mary Ellen Bute (1937 ; 16:58 min.)
Mary Ellen Bute's Spook sport : a graveyard gambol / animated by Norman McLaren ; Mary Ellen Bute (1939 ; 7:55 min.)
Dance, girl, dance [excerpt] / Dorothy Arzner (1940 ; 3:53 min.)
Meshes of the afternoon / a film by Maya Deren and A. Hackenschmied (1943 ; 13:38 min.).
Film/video editor, Bret Hampton; annotated by Kate Saccone; music: Tamar Muskal (Falling leaves; La cigarette); Judith Rosenberg (Discontent); Rodney Sauer and the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra (The blot); Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra (Mabel's strange predicament); Rodney Sauer (The star prince); Sergei Dreznin (The peasant women of Ryazann); Frederick Hodges (Les chiens savants, Une histoire roulante, La barricade and Making an American citizen, Suspense).
Title from container.
Mary Ellen Bute's Spook sport is in color; all other films in black and white.
Issued by the publisher as part of a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. University of Pennsylvania Libraries have cataloged Blu-Ray discs and DVDs separately.
Special features: audio commentary: for Lois Weber's The Blot by author, professor, and expert on women and early film culture Shelley Stamp.
Films originally produced 1902-1943.
Guy, Alice, 1873-1968, film director.
Weber, Lois, 1879-1939, film director, screenwriter.
Siegler, Allen, film director.
Normand, Mabel, 1894-1930, film director.
Brandeis, Madeline, 1897-1937, film director, screenwriter.
Dulac, Germaine, 1882-1942, film director.
Obey, André, 1892-1975, screenwriter.
Preobrazhenskai︠a︡, O. (Olʹga), 1881-1971, film director.
Vishnevskai︠a︡, Olʹga, screenwriter.
Alʹtshuler, Boris, 1904-1994, screenwriter.
Iribe, Marie-Louise, 1894-1934, film director.
Reiniger, Lotte, film director.
Parker, Claire, 1906-1981, film director.
Alexeieff, Alexandre, 1901-1982, film director.
Davenport, Dorothy, 1896-1977, film director.
Riefenstahl, Leni, film director.
Bute, Mary Ellen, film director.
Arzner, Dorothy, 1900-1979, film director.
Deren, Maya, film director.
Hammid, Alexander, film director.
Shepard, David, curator.
Lobster Films (Firm), restorationist.
Blackhawk Films, presenter.
Flicker Alley (Firm), publisher.
Container of: Saccone, Kate. Camera of one's own.
Container of: Chiens savants (Motion picture)
Container of: Histoire roulante (Motion picture)
Container of: Barricade (Motion picture)
Container of: Falling leaves (Motion picture)
Container of: Making an American citizen (Motion picture)
Container of: Girl in the arm-chair (Motion picture)
Container of: Suspense (Motion picture)
Container of: Discontent (Motion picture)
Container of: Mabel's strange predicament (Motion picture)
Container of: Star prince (Motion picture)
Container of: Cigarette (Motion picture)
Container of: Souriante Mme. Beudet (Motion picture)
Container of: Baby ri︠a︡zanskie (Motion picture)
Container of: Roi des Aulnes (Motion picture)
Container of: Harlequin (Motion picture)
Container of: Stolen heart (Motion picture)
Container of: Papageno (Motion picture)
Container of: Nuit sur la Mont Chauve (Motion picture)
Container of: Woman condemned (Motion picture)
Container of: Tag der Freiheit (Motion picture)
Container of: Parabola (Motion picture)
Container of: Mary Ellen Bute's spook sport (Motion picture)
Container of: Dance, girl, dance (Motion picture : 1940)
Container of: Meshes of the afternoon (Motion picture)
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