Neuroinflammation [electronic resource] / edited by Alireza Minagar.

London : Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, [2018]
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Second edition.

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Nervous system -- Diseases.
Nervous system -- Degeneration.
Multiple sclerosis.
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Neuroinflammation, Second Edition, discusses the role inflammation plays in neuro-inflammatory diseases. As research in neuroinflammation has dramatically increased in recent years, this new edition covers all of the new developments and findings since the first publication nearly a decade ago. Comprehensive coverage of topics includes chapters on multiple sclerosis, optic neuritis and Susac syndrome. New chapters cover the latest research in Epilepsy and Neuroinflammation, Pediatric MS, Pediatric Lupus and Traumatic Brain Injury, amongst other topics. Inflammation is a central mechanism in many neurological diseases, including stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain trauma and meningitis, and it contributes to the generation of pain. Researchers are now beginning to understand the impact of the immune system on different nervous system functions and diseases, ranging from damage, through tolerance, and to modulation and repair.
Front Cover; Neuroinflammation; Copyright Page; Contents; List of Contributors; Preface; 1 Multiple Sclerosis: Clinical Features, Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, and Management; Clinical Features; Initial Presentation of MS; Clinical Course of MS; MS-Exacerbating Conditions; Pathophysiology; Pathophysiology of Relapses and Disease Progression; Inflammation in MS Pathophysiology; Degeneration in MS Pathophysiology; Inflammation-Induced Degenerative Processes; Primary Degenerative Processes; Pathophysiology of Remissions; Pathophysiology of Cortical Manifestations; Diagnosis; Management
NAb Titer and Defining NAb StatusClinical Relevance of NAbs; Clinical Outcomes; MRI Outcomes; NAbs Testing in Clinical Practice; Glatiramer Acetate; Natalizumab; Conclusion; References; 3 Animal Models of Multiple Sclerosis; Etiology, Clinical Course, and Pathology; Etiologies of MS and Its Animal Models; Animal Models: EAE and TMEV Infection; Clinical Courses of MS and Its Animal Models; Pathology of MS and Its Animal Models; Demyelination Versus Axonal Degeneration (Neurodegeneration): Inside-Out Model of MS; CD4+ T-cells in MS and Its Animal Models; Th Cell Subsets
Roles of Th1 Cells in EAE and TMEV InfectionRoles of Th2 Cells in EAE and TMEV Infection; Roles of Th17 Cells in EAE and TMEV Infection; Roles of Tregs in EAE and TMEV Infection; Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors in MS and Its Animal Models; Chemokines and Chemokine Receptors; CXCR3 and Its Ligands in MS, EAE, and TMEV Infection; CCR5 and Its Ligands in MS, EAE, and TMEV Infection; CCR2 and Its Ligands in MS, EAE, and TMEV Infection; CCR4 and Its Ligands in MS and EAE; CCR6 and Its Ligands in MS and EAE; Future Perspectives
MS Heterogeneities Explain the Differing Roles of Th Cell Subsets and Chemokine ReceptorsChemokines and Chemokine Receptors as a Potential Target for MS Treatment; Acknowledgments; References; 4 Neuroimaging of Multiple Sclerosis and Other Immune-Mediated Diseases of Central Nervous System: An Update; Introduction; Imaging of Multiple Sclerosis; Conventional Imaging; Imaging Findings; Nonconventional Imaging Techniques in the Differential Diagnosis of MS; Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging; Perfusion Imaging; MR Spectroscopy; Diffusion Tensor Imaging; Radiologically Isolated Syndrome (RIS)
Management of Acute RelapsesDisease-Modifying Therapies; Interferon-Beta; Glatiramer Acetate; Dimethyl Fumarate; Teriflunomide; Fingolimod; Natalizumab; Alemtuzumab; Daclizumab; References; Further Reading; 2 Neutralizing Antibodies and Multiple Sclerosis in the Era of Disease Modifying Treatments; Introduction; Interferon Beta; Immunogenicity; Neutralizing Antibody Assays; The Cytopathic Effect (CPE) Assay; Assays Based on the Interferon-β-Stimulated Production of Myxovirus Resistance Protein A; The Reporter Gene Assay; The In Vivo Induction of Myxovirus Resistance Protein A
Includes bibliographical references and index.
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Minagar, Alireza, editor.
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