The music business and digital impacts : innovations and disruptions in the music industries / Daniel Nordgård.

Nordgård, Daniel, author.
Cham, Switzerland : Springer, [2018]
Music business research.
Music business research, 2522-0829
xviii, 129 pages : color illustration ; 25 cm
Music trade.
Sound recording industry.
Industrial management.
This book provides rare insights into the difficult and complex dialogues between stakeholders within and outside the music industries in a time of transition. It builds on a series of recorded meetings in which key stakeholders discuss and assess options and considerations for the music industries' transition to a digital era. These talks were closed to the public and operated under the Chatham House Rule, which means that they involved a very different type of discussion from those held in public settings, panels or conferences. As such, the book offers a much more nuanced understanding of the industries' difficulties in adjusting to changing conditions, demonstrating the internal power-struggles and differences that make digital change so difficult. After presenting a theoretical framework for assessing digital change in the music industries, the author then provides his research findings, including quotes from the Kristiansand Roundtable Conference. Following from these findings, he develops three critical concepts that explain the nature as well as the problems of the music industries' adaptation process. In conclusion, he challenges the general definition of crisis in the music industries and contradicts the widely held view that digitalization is a case of vertical integration.
Intro; Foreword; Preface; An Opportunity to Sit In: The Kristiansand Roundtable Conferences; Providing a Trusted Forum for Talks; An Incredible Pool of Data; The Key Initiative: Peter Jenner and Bendik Hofseth; Acknowledgements; Contents; Abbreviations; Chapter 1: In Revision: Theoretical Frameworks; 1.1 Structure; 1.2 Defining the Music Industries; 1.2.1 Dynamic Set of Intermediaries; 1.2.2 Through a Broader Lens; 1.2.3 Copyright Issues; 1.2.4 Value Chains and Channel Functions; 1.3 Strategic Action Field; 1.3.1 The Foundations; 1.3.2 Towards an Approach to Understanding Change.
1.3.3 Summary1.4 Change and Continuity in the Music Industries; 1.4.1 The Rise of Live Music; 1.4.2 Economic and Creative Transition; 1.4.3 Digital Turmoil; 1.5 Digital Disruptions: Impact Evaluations; 1.6 Summary; References; Chapter 2: Start Making Sense; 2.1 The Kristiansand Roundtable Conferences; 2.2 Topics Being Discussed; 2.2.1 Defining New Landscapes and Figuring Out New Models; 2.2.2 Three Cases of External Influence; 2.2.3 The Frictions and Dynamics of the Music Industries; 2.2.4 The Role of the Record Company; 2.2.5 The Complex Structures of the Music Industries.
2.2.6 The Dysfunctional Music Industries2.2.7 The Screen of Death; 2.2.8 Calling for a Global Database; 2.2.9 External Pressures; 2.2.10 Policymaking and Legislation; 2.2.11 Pressures from External Companies and Businesses; 2.3 Three Concepts to Understand the Music Industries Digital Adaptations; 2.3.1 Concept A: Internal Dynamics: The Dysfunctional Music Industries; 2.3.2 Concept B: External Actors ́Impact on Progressions; 2.3.3 Concept C: Relations to Legislation and Policymakers; References; Chapter 3: Conclusion: Tying It All Together; 3.1 The Most Critical Component Is the Music Industries Themselves; 3.2 Internal Dynamics and Structures; 3.3 Defining a Crisis; 3.4 These Are Not Converging Fields; 3.5 Suggesting Alternative Approaches to Understanding Digital Change; References.
Includes bibliographical references.
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