Martin Luther : a Christian between reforms and modernity (1517-2017) / edited by Alberto Melloni, [and eleven others].

Berlin, [Germany] ; Boston, [Massachusetts] : De Gruyter, 2018.
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Luther, Martin, 1483-1546.
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In dem dreibändigen Handbuch wird der gegenwärtige Stand der internationalen Forschung zu Martin Luthers Person und Werk und die vielfältigen Wirkungen der Reformation auf Geschichte, Kirchen, politische Institutionen, Philosophie, Kunst und Gesellschaft bis ins 21. Jahrhundert. Das Werk ist initiiert durch die Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII (Bologna) in Zusammenarbeit mit dem europäischen Netzwerk Refo500. Dieses internationale Werk ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar.
The three volumes present the current state of international research on Martin Luther's life and work and the Reformation's manifold influences on history, churches, politics, culture, philosophy, arts and society up to the 21st century. The work is initiated by the Fondazione per le scienze religiose Giovanni XXIII (Bologna) in cooperation with the European network Refo500. This handbook is also available in German.
Luther, the Christian / Melloni, Alberto
The Reformation and Protestantism / Ricca, Paolo
Reformations and Counter-Reformations / Boer, Wietse de
The Tridentine Age and the Reformation Age / Kalak, Matteo Al
Ecclesia semper reformanda: Medieval Ideas and Attempts at Church Reform / Bellitto, Christopher M.
Religion, Reason, and Superstition from Late Antiquity to Luther's Reform / Cameron, Euan
Luther as Church Father / Schäufele, Wolf-Friedrich
What Is Left of Luther? / Rostagno, Sergio
Luther's Life
The Medieval Heritage of Martin Luther / Balserak, Jon
Luther's Mystical Roots / Leppin, Volker
Luther's Inspirers and Sympathizers / Posset, Franz
The Posting of the Theses: The History of a Myth / Foresta, Patrizio
Luther among the Humanists / Rex, Richard
Luther's Bible Hermeneutics, Biblical Theology, and Translation / Vogel, Lothar
Luther and Political Power / Nitti, Silvana
Luther and Monasticism / Peterson, Bradley Arthur
Erasmus and Luther: Free and Bound Will / Lodone, Michele
Disputes on Baptism and the Eucharist, 1521-1532 / Trigg, Jonathan D.
The Diet of Worms and the Holy Roman Empire / Close, Christopher W.
Luther's Relations with Peasants and Princes / Wien, Ulrich Andreas
The Holy Roman Empire and Its Diets, 1521- 1546 / Brunelli, Giampiero
Luther and the Religious Colloquies / Iacovella, Marco
Luther's Death / Selderhuis, Herman
Reforms and Other Reformators
Luther and Melanchthon / Frank, Günter
Luther and Calvin / Selderhuis, Herman
Luther and Zwingli / Zuliani, Federico
Thomas Müntzer's Heritage: An Alternative in the Process of Reformation / Vogler, Günter
Luther and the Radical Reformers / Stayer, James M.
The "Third Sects": Italian Heretics and the Criticism of the Protestant Reformation (1530-1550) / Mongini, Guido
Erasmus of Rotterdam and His Environment / Walter, Peter
Before the Inquisitor / Biasiori, Lucio
Ignatius: The Anti-Lutheran Reformer / Hernán, Enrique García
Luther in Question
From the Interim of Augsburg until the Treaty of Augsburg (1548-1555) / Soen, Violet
Luther and Politics / Schorn-Schütte, Luise
Chastity as a Political Issue / Seiler, Jörg
Luther and Women / Stjerna, Kirsi
Luther and the Jews / Schramm, Brooks
Jews and Lutheranism: An Ambiguous Silence / Weinstein, Roni
Luther and the Turks / Miller, Gregory J.
Martin Luther, the Sexual Reformation, and Same-Sex Sexuality / Puff, Helmut
Heritage of Lutheran Theology
Lutheran Scholasticism / Chalamet, Christophe
Theology of the Cross / Bühler, Pierre
The Capture of the Minotaur / Motta, Franco
Justification by Faith / Gerace, Antonio
The Theological Self-Understanding of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches / Birmelé, André
Oecumenical Relecture
The Catholic Damnation and Redemption of Luther / Foresta, Patrizio
The Legacy of Martin Luther and the Tradition of the Orthodox Church / Oeldemann, Johannes
The Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification / Kristanto, Billy
Lutheranism in Ecumenical Dialogue / Wilson, Sarah Hinlicky
From Excommunicated to Common Teacher / Galavotti, Enrico
Philosophical and Historical Influences
Luther in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy / Rota, Giovanni
The Universalgeschichtlich Role of the Reformation according to Idealism and Historicism within German Culture / Tessitore, Fulvio
Luther and the Revolution of the Individual / Cotta, Gabriella
Luther and Marxism / Boer, Roland
Reformation Protestantism and the "Spirit" of Capitalism / Ballor, Jordan J.
Luther in Catholic Historiography and Theology: The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries / Frank, Günter
Luther and the Third Reich: Consent and Confession / Assel, Heinrich
Luther in Protestant Historiography and Theology in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries / Hahn-Bruckart, Thomas
Communicating Luther
The Past in the Present: Remembering Luther in 1617, 1817, and 1883 / Howard, Thomas Albert
Architecture and Reformation / Wisłocki, Marcin
Martin Luther in Portraits / Weigel, Maria Lucia
Lutheran Music and the Migrations of Taste / Monti, Mauro Casadei Turroni
Education, Learning, and Instruction during the Reformation / Czaika, Otfried
Luther in Cinema and on Television / Wipfler, Esther P.
Geographical Crossroads
From the Wars of Religion to a Post-Westphalian World / Burkhardt, Johannes
At the Source of Every Evil / Catto, Michela
Biblical Studies and Bible Translations in Hungary in the Age of the Reformation 1540 −1640 / Ács, Pál Á
Protestantism and the Enlightenment, 1691- 1780 / Imbruglia, Girolamo
Patterns in the Reception of Luther in the Hispanic World / Delgado, Mariano
Luther in America / Helmer, Christine
Martin Luther in Latin America / Roldán-Figueroa, Rady
Missions in Africa: Lutheran Churches, Enculturation, and Ecumenism / Becker, Judith
Luther in Asia: India / Jeyaraj, Daniel
Chronology of Martin Luther's Writings / Foresta, Patrizio
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Melloni, Alberto, editor.
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