Ear, nose and throat at a glance [electronic resource] / Nazia Munir, Ray Clarke.

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Munir, Nazia.
Chichester, West Sussex : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.
At a Glance
At a Glance
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Ear, Nose and Throat at a Glance provides a highly-illustrated, accessible introduction to this practical but complex topic, which is increasingly encountered in every-day outpatient settings, as well as surgical departments. Each double-page spread diagrammatically summarises the basic science relating to each anatomical area, outlines practical guidelines on the examination of patients, and provides an overview of the most common disorders and diseases. This brand new title in the best-selling at a Glance series features high-yield information on all the to
Title page; Copyright page; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1: Applied anatomy of the ear; The ear; External ear; Middle ear; Inner ear; Anatomical relations of the ear; 2: Physiology of hearing; Physiology of hearing; Types of hearing loss; Conductive hearing loss; Sensorineural hearing loss; 3: Testing the hearing; Voice tests; Tuning fork tests; Pure tone audiometry; Evoked response audiometry; Otoacoustic emissions; Hearing tests in children; Tympanometry; 4: Hearing loss; Epidemiology and classification; Sudden sensorineural hearing loss; Diagnosis and management; 5: The pinna
Protruding ears (bat ears)Congenital malformations; Trauma to the external ear; Inflammation of the pinna; Tumours of the external ear; 6: Earwax and foreign bodies in the ear; Earwax; Foreign bodies; 7: The external auditory canal; Congenital anomalies; Inflammation and infection; Tumours; Exostoses and osteomas; Malignant/necrotising otitis externa; 8: Acute otitis media; Acute otitis media; Clinical presentation; Treatment and prognosis; 9: Perforated eardrum; Chronic suppurative otitis media; Presentation; Treatment of a perforated eardrum; Cholesteatoma; Trauma to the middle ear
10: Otitis media with effusionDefinition; Incidence and aetiology; Effects; Presentation and diagnosis; Management; 11: Tinnitus; Definition; Incidence; Aetiology; Effects on the patient; Investigations; Management; 12: Physiology of balance; Physiology of balance; 13: Balance disorders; Presentation; Examination; Otological causes of vertigo; 14: The facial nerve; Applied anatomy; Facial palsy; Causes of facial palsy; Management of facial paralysis; 15: The nose and paranasal sinuses: applied anatomy and examination; Paranasal sinuses; Physiology; Examination of the nose; 16: Epistaxis
Applied basic scienceAetiology; Management of epistaxis; Complications; 17: The nasal septum; Septal deviation; Septal perforation; Septal haematoma; Alar collapse; 18: ENT trauma: I; Nasal trauma; Soft tissue injuries; Epistaxis; Nasal bone fracture; Septal haematoma; CSF leak; ENT trauma: II; Ear trauma; Auricular haematoma; Tympanic membrane perforation; Haemotympanum; Ossicular injury; Temporal bone fractures; Neck trauma; Laryngeal injury; 19: Acute rhinosinusitis; Definition; Pathophysiology; Clinical features; Management; Complications; 20: Chronic rhinosinusitis and nasal polyposis
DefinitionsPathophysiology; Nasal polyps; Clinical features; Clinical examination; Management; 21: The pharynx and oesophagus: basic science and examination; The pharynx; Swallowing; Aspiration; Examination of the pharynx; 22: The nasopharynx and adenoids; The nasopharynx; Adenoids; Adenoidectomy; Rare nasopharyngeal conditions; Nasopharyngeal cancer; Angiofibroma; 23: Pharyngeal infections; Aetiology; Investigation; Complications and outcome; Unusual pharyngeal infections; 24: Tonsillectomy; Tonsils; Diseases of the tonsils; Tonsillectomy; 25: Swallowing disorders; Definitions; Aetiology
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Clarke, Ray (Raymond)
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