The Blackwell companion to contemporary Islamic thought [electronic resource] / edited by Ibrahim Abu-Rabi.̓.

Oxford : Blackwell, 2006.
Blackwell companions to religion
Blackwell companions to religion
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The Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought reflects the variety of trends, voices, and opinions in the contemporary Muslim intellectual scene. Challenges Western misconceptions about the modern Muslim world in general and the Arab world in particular. Consists of 36 important essays written by contemporary Muslim thinkers and scholars. Covers issues such as Islamic tradition, modernity, globalization, feminism, the West, the USA, reform, and secularism. Helps readers to situate Islamic intellectual history in the context of Western in
The Blackwell Companion to Contemporary Islamic Thought; Contents; Notes on Contributors; Editor's Introduction: Contemporary Islamic Thought: One or Many?; Part I Trends and Issues in Contemporary Islamic Thought; 1 Contemporary Turkish Thought; 2 Transformation of Islamic Thought in Turkey Since the 1950s; 3 Bediuzzaman Said Nursi's Approach to Religious Renewal and its Impact on Aspects of Contemporary Turkish Society; 4 Islamic Thought in Contemporary India: The Impact of Mawlana Wahiduddin Khan's Al-Risāla Movement; 5 Sayyed Abul Hasan 'Ali Nadwi and Contemporary Islamic Thought in India
6 Madrasah in South Asia7 75 Years of Higher Religious Education in Modern Turkey; 8 Hassan Turabi and the Limits of Modern Islamic Reformism; 9 An Overview of al-Sadiq al-Mahdi's Islamic Discourse; 10 Islamic Thought in Contemporary Pakistan: The Legacy of 'Allāma Mawdūdī; 11 The Futuristic Thought of Ustaz Ashaari Muhammad of Malaysia; 12 Religion, Society, and Culture in Malik Bennabi's Thought; 13 Hassan Hanafi on Salafism and Secularism; 14 Towards a New Historical Discourse in Islam; Part II Secularism, Modernity, and Globalization in Contemporary Islamic Thought
15 The Second Coming of the Theocratic Age? Islamic Discourse after Modernity and Postmodernity16 Europe Against Islam: Islam in Europe; 17 Ummah and Empire: Global Formations after Nation; 18 Between Slumber and Awakening; 19 Islam and Secularism; 20 A ""Democratic-Conservative"" Government by Pious People: The Justice and Development Party in Turkey; 21 Secularism and Democracy in Contemporary India: An Islamic Perspective; Part III The Question of Jihād and Terrorism in Contemporary Islamic Thought; 22 Islam, Terrorism, and Western Misapprehensions
23 Indonesian Responses to September 11, 200124 The World Situation After September 11, 2001; Part IV Islamism, Sufism, and Pluralism in Contemporary Islamic Thought; 25 Sirāt al-mustaqīm - One or Many? Religious Pluralism among Muslim Intellectuals in Iran; 26 Contemporary Islamic Movements in Southeast Asia: Challenges and Opportunities; 27 Transformation of Political Islam in Post-Suharto Indonesia; 28 The Pilgrimage to Tembayat: Tradition and Revival in Islamic Mysticism in Contemporary Indonesia; Part V Justice, Dependency, and International Relations in Contemporary Islamic Thought
29 Hindu Fundamentalism in Contemporary India: A Muslim Perspective30 Political Discourse of the Organization of the Islamic Conference; 31 Culture of Mistrust: A Sociological Analysis of Iranian Political Culture; 32 What Do We Mean By Islamic Futures?; 33 Islam and the Science of Economics; Part VI Women in Contemporary Islamic Thought; 34 Muslim Feminist Debates on the Question of Headscarf in Contemporary Turkey; 35 ""Islamic Feminism"": Negotiating Patriarchy and Modernity in Iran; 36 An Islamic Critique of Patriarchy: Mawlana Sayyed Kalbe Sadiq's Approach to Gender Relations; Index
Includes index.
Abu-Rabiʻ, Ibrahim M.
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