Model Theory of Algebra and Arithmetic [electronic resource] : Proceedings of the Conference on Applications of Logic to Algebra and Arithmetic Held at Karpacz, Poland, September 1 - 7, 1979 / edited by Leszek Pacholski, Jedrzej Wierzejewski, Alec J. Wilkie.

Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg : Imprint: Springer, 1980.
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Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 0075-8434 ; 834
Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 0075-8434 ; 834
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Logic, Symbolic and mathematical.
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Further remarks on the elementary theory of formal power series rings
Elimination of quantifiers for non semi-simple rings of characteristic p
The quantifier elimination problem for rings without nilpotent elements and for semi-simple rings
Existentially closed modules: Types and prime models
Rings of continuous functions: Decision problems
Weak partition relations, finite games, and independence results in Peano arithmetic
Hensel fields in equal characteristic p>0
On polynomials over real closed rings
Les corps faiblement algebriquement clos non separablement clos ont la propriete d'independance
Horn-theories of abelian groups
Two orderings of the class of all countable models of peano arithmetic
Ramsey quantifiers in arithmetic
Computational complexity of decision problems in elementary number theory
Some diophantine nullstellens├Ątze
A tree analysis of unprovable combinatorial statements
A hierarchy of cuts in models of arithmetic
Cofinal extension preserves recursive saturation
Some model theory and number theory for models of weak systems of arithmetic
Applications of complexity theory to ?o-definability Problems in arithmetic
Minimally saturated models
Totally categorical theories: Structural properties and the non-finite axiomatizability.
Pacholski, Leszek. editor., Editor,
Wierzejewski, J. (Je╠Ędrzej), editor., Editor,
Wilkie, A. J. (Alec J.), editor., Editor,
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