The Oxford handbook of the use of force in international law / edited by Marc Weller. [electronic resource]

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Handbook of the use of force in international law
Use of force in international law
Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2015.
Oxford handbooks in law.
Oxford handbooks in law
1 online resource (lxxxix, 1280 pages).
War (International law)
Intervention (International law)
Aggression (International law)
This handbook is a comprehensive and authoritative study of the modern law on the use of force. Over 50 experts in the field offer a detailed analysis, and to an extent a restatement, of the law in this area. It reviews the status of the law on the use of force and assesses what changes, if any, have occurred as a result of recent developments and offers cutting-edge and up-to-date scholarship on all major aspects of the prohibition of the use of force.
Too Much History: From War as a Sanction to the Sanctioning of War / Randall Lesaffer
The Limitations of Traditional Rules and Institutions Relating to the Use of Force / James Crawford, Rowan Nicholson
Feminist Perspectives on the Law on the Use of Force / Gina Heathcote
Changing Jus Cogens through State Practice?—the Case of the Prohibition of the Use of Force / Alexander Orakhelashvili
Reconfiguring the UN System of Collective Security / Niels Blokker
When the Security Council is Divided: Imprecise Authorizations, Implied Mandates and the Unreasonable Veto / Ian Johnstone
United Nations Security Council Practice in Relation to Use of Force in No-Fly Zones and Maritime Exclusion Zones / Rob McLaughlin
Military Sanctions Enforcement in the Absence of Express Authorization? / Penelope Nevill
The Relationship between the UN Security Council and General Assembly in Matters of International Peace and Security / Nigel D. White
Regional Organizations and Arrangements and their Relationship with the African Union: the case of the African Union / Erika De Wet
Use of Force:Justiciability and Admissibility / Mark Weisburd
The Use of Force in Complex Peace-keeping and Governance Operations / Scott Sheeran
Mandated to Protect: Security Council Practice on the Protection of Civilians / Haidi Willmot, Ralph Mamiya
Self-defence, Protection of Humanitarian Values and the Doctrine of Impartiality and Neutrality in Enforcement Mandates / Nicholas Tsagourias
Transparency, Accountability and Responsibility for Internationally Mandated Operations / Charlotte Ku
'Failures to Protect' in International Law / André Nollkaemper
Intervention, Armed Intervention, Armed Attack, Threat to Peace, Act of Aggression and Threat or Use of Force—What's the Difference / Jan Klabbers
The Prohibition of the Use of Force and Non-intervention: Ambition and Practice in the OAS Region / Jean Michel Arrighi
The Crime of Aggression at the International Criminal Court / Sean D. Murphy
The Prohibition of the Use of Force in Arbitrations and Fact-Finding Reports / Vaios Koutroulis
The Resilience of the Restrictive Rules on Self-defence / Joerg Kammerhofer
Self-defence and Collective Security: Key Distinctions / Sir Michael Wood
Taming the Doctrine of Preemption / Ashley Deeks
Can Non-state Actors Mount an Armed Attack? / Kimberley Trapp
The Problem of Imminence in an Uncertain World / Noam Lubell
Action against Host States of Terrorist Groups / Lindsay Moir
When Does Self-defence End? / Terry Gill
Theatre of Operations / Jean Christophe Martin
Humanitarian Intervention / Nigel S. Rodley
Pro-democratic Action / David Wippman
Intervention by Invitation / Gregory H. Fox
Necessity / Olivier Corten
Retaliation and Reprisal / Shane Darcy
Hot Pursuit / Bill Gilmore
The Threat of the Use of Force and Ultimata / Anne Lagerwall, François Dubuisson
Blockades and Interdictions / Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg
Rescuing Nationals Abroad / Mathias Forteau
Peace Settlements and the Prohibition of the Use of Force / Martin Wählisch
The Effects of a State of War or Armed Conflict / Marina Mancini
Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction and Shipping Interdictions / Guglielmo Verdirame, Vasco Becker Weinberg
The Implications of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction for the Prohibition of the Use of Force / Daniel Joyner
The Use of Force Against Pirates / Douglas Guilfoyle
The Changing Environment and Emerging Resource Conflicts / Marco Pertile
Remotely Piloted Warfare as a Challenge to the Ius ad Bellum / Jordan Paust
Private Military Companies and the Ius ad Bellum / Ian Ralby
Jus Cogens and the Use of Armed Force / Andre de Hoogh
The Relationship between Jus ad Bellum and Jus in Bello / Okimoto Keichiro
Introduction: International Law and the Problem of War / Marc Weller.
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Weller, M. (Marc), editor.
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