Whatever is, was : in nature, there are no such things as cause, effect, generation, growth, nor death, no time, no past, no future : logical conclusions deduced from the theory : the self-existence of the universe : also, a critical examination into the foundation on which rests the philosophy of Herbert Spencer and the theories of Charles Darwin : together with a new theory for the origin of the world, for all forms, organic and inorganic : also, the natural cause of the continuing existence of all living things and species of things : and, the finding of the supposed missing link / by Geo. A. Young.

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Young, Geo. A. (George A.), author.
xv, 481 pages ; 23 cm
Religion and science.
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United States California San Francisco.
"The three most commonly accepted theories which philosophers have adopted in order to solve the mysterious problem--the origin of the Universe--are: First. That it is Self-made. [Pantheism.] Second. That it is Self-existent. [Atheism.] Third. That it is Created by an external agency or Supreme Intelligence. [Spiritualism.] In our examination of these theories, we have not entered the sanctuary; nor discussed any religious dogmas. We have taken the Mosaic account of Creation, as we have the cosmogonies of Epicurus, Kant, Laplace and others, as their theories, to account for the origin of the visible universe, and endeavored to logically and philosophically analyze them; in order to see which might be the most probable. We have, more particularly, examined the foundation on which rests the philosophy of Herbert Spencer. Also, the theories of Charles Darwin, and endeavored to see if the philosophical structures which they have built thereon, can stand the test of a logical analysis. We have presented to our readers a new theory for the Origin or formation of the World and Species; and, for this purpose, have accepted the hypothesis: That first, before the worlds were formed, there existed a chaos; a mass of primordial matter termed Atoms. We have not inquired into the primal cause of these, but, assisted by the science of molecular physics, have built up the structure of our theory, and endeavored to show the secondary or natural cause of the origin of all forms, organic and inorganic. Also, of the continuing existence of all living things, and species of things. We may be permitted to say: That this book will be best appreciated by those who have some knowledge of philosophic literature; but no previous reading is necessary to the understanding of the argument or the passing of judgment upon its conclusions"--Preface. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2010 APA, all rights reserved).
"Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1887, by Geo. A. Young."--verso of title page.
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Penn Libraries Rare copy gifted by Dr. Mark B. Adams in 2018.
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Mark B. Adams Emergence of Modern Science Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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Online version: Young, Geo. A. (George A.). Whatever is, was.
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