Kitāb al-Tawākiz al-muḥarrarah wa-al-ḍamāʼir al-mustakhbarah. = كتاب التواكز المحررة والضمائر المستخبرة.

ʻAjamī, Kurdī Sayyidī Maḥmūd.
عجمي، كردي سيدي محمود.
Other Title:
Tawākiz al-muḥarrarah wa-al-ḍamāʼir al-mustakhbarah.
تواكز المحررة والضمائر المستخبرة.
[Egypt?], A.H. 1181 (1767)
232 leaves : paper, illustrations ; 220 x 155 (160 x 110) mm bound to 220 x 155 mm.
Divination -- Early works to 1800.
Islamic magic -- Early works to 1800.
Codices (bound manuscripts)
Tables (documents)
Manuscripts, Arabic -- 18th century.
Work on divination of events and people; includes divination by letters, horoscopes, time keeping, planetary movements, etc. The work references 40 other books on similar topics at the beginning and lists their authors (f. 9v-15r); also contains several illustrations and numerous tables.
Ms. codex.
Title from title page and introduction (f. 7r, 7v).
Foliation: Modern foliation added in pencil, upper left recto; catchwords every verso, lower left. One blank quire at the beginning and end of the work.
Layout: 19 long lines; frame ruled.
Script: Written in naskh in dark brown ink; pointed, unvocalized.
Decoration: Rubrications in red. Five labeled diagrams in green, yellow, red (f. 21-24r) and 39 letter tables in red and brown (f. 35r, 45r, 53r, 54v, 56v, 62r, 63r, 66v, 71v, 76v, 81v, 86v, 91v, 96v, 101v, 106v, 111v, 116v, 121v131v, 136v, 141v, 146v, 151v, 156v, 161v, 166v, 171v, 181v, 186v, 191v, 196v, 201v, 206v, 211v, 216v, 221v, 224v).
Binding: Brown leather over pasteboard with flap (Type II). Blind stamped green paper onlay mandorla and cornerpieces. Blind stamped frame. Front cover is loose of the spine. Endbands in red and yellow thread in a chevron pattern.
Origin: Copy completed on 4 Ṣafar in the 309th year since Kait Bey began his rule (min tawliyat al-Sulṭān Qāʼit Bīk), which was in A.H. 872, so the copy was probably completed in A.H. 1181 (2 July 1767) (f. 226v).
Penn Provenance:
Formerly owned by Carl Frederick Haussmann, given to the University of Pennsylvania 30 September 1910 (note in pencil, f. 225v).
Cited as:
UPenn Ms. Codex 1898
Haussmann, Carl Frederick, 1871-, former owner.
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