Singularities in generic geometry / edited by Shyuichi Izumiya (Hokkaido University), Goo Ishikawa (Hokkaido University), Minoru Yamamoto (Hirosaki University), Kentaro Saji (Kobe University), Takahiro Yamamoto (Tokyo Gakugei University), Masatomo Takahashi (Muroran Institute of Technology).

Tokyo : Mathematical Society of Japan, [2018] , ©2018
Conference Name:
Workshop on Singularities in Generic Geometry and Applications (4th : 2015 : Kōbe-shi, Japan: Kyoto, Japan)
Advanced studies in pure mathematics (Tokyo, Japan); 78.
Advanced studies in pure mathematics ; 78
469 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
Singularities (Mathematics) -- Congresses.
Singularities (Mathematics)
Conference papers and proceedings.
Spherical method for studying Wulff shapes and related topics / Huhe Han and Takashi Nishimura
Singularities of frontals / Goo Ishikawa
The theory of graph-like Legendrian unfoldings : Equivalence relations / Shyuichi Izumiya
Asymptotic directions on a surface in a 4-dimensional metric Lie group / Pierre Bayard and Federico Sánchez-Bringas
Singularity analysis of lightlike hypersurfaces of partially null curves / Xiupeng Cui and Donghe Pei
Triply periodic zero mean curvature surfaces in Lorentz-Minkowski 3-space/ Shoichi Fujimor
Hamiltonian systems on submanifolds / T. Fukuda and S. Janeczko
Equidistants and their duals for families of plane curves / Peter Giblin and Graham Reeve
Rectifying developable surfaces of framed base curves and framed helices / Shun'ichi Honda
On keen Heegaard splittings / Ayako Ido, Yeonhee Jang, and Tsuyoshi Kobayashi
Evolutes of curves in the Lorentz-Minkowski plane / S. Izumiya, M. C. Romero Fuster, and M. Takahashi
A new method for computing the limiting tangent space of an isolated hypersurface singularity via algebraic local cohomology / Katsusuke Nabeshima and Shinichi Tajima
Constant mean curvature surfaces with D4-singularities / Yuta Ogata and Keisuke Teramoto
Singularities of secant maps on closed plane curves / María Carmen Romero Fuster and Luís Sanhermelando Rodríguez
Discrete linear Weingarten surfaces with singularities in Riemannian and Lorentzian spaceforms / Wayne Rossman and Masashi Yasumoto
On pairs of geometric foliations on a cuspidal edge / Kentaro Saji
Implicit Hamiltonian systems and singular curves of distributions / Asahi Tsuchida
Weierstrass-type representations for timelike surfaces / Masashi Yasumoto.
Papers from the 4th Workshop on Singularities in Generic Geometry and Applications (Valencia IV) held at Kobe University in Kobe, Japan, June 3-6, 2015, and the Research Institute of Mathematical Science (RIMS) in Kyoto, Japan, June 8-10, 2015.
Includes bibliographical references.
Izumiya, Shūichi, editor.
Ishikawa, Goo editor
Yamamoto, Minoru editor
Saji, Kentarō, editor.
Yamamoto, Takahiro (Mathematician) editor
Takahashi, Masatomo editor
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