Iohannis Despauterii Niniuitæ Commentarii grammatici : eorum, quæ in commentariis sparsim annotata sunt, index amplissimus.

Spauter, Johannes de, -1520, author.
Other Title:
Iohannis Despavterii Niniuitæ Commentarii grammatici
Commentarii grammatici
Parisiis : Ex Officina Roberti Stephani, MDXXXVII [1537]
691, [65] pages ; 31 cm (fol.)
s.o. e,s. n-e. SiVo (3) 1537 (R)
Latin language -- Grammar -- Early works to 1800.
Latin language -- Grammar.
Seals (Provenance)
Place of Publication:
France Paris.
(from leaf a1v) Summa & series librorum. Rudimenta
Prima pars
Ars versificatoria
De accentibus
De carminum generibus
De figuris
Ars epistolica
Colophon on leaf 2a9v, which reads: Excudebat Robertus Stephanus Parisiis, ann. M.D. XXXVIII. XIIII. cal. April.
Signatures: a-z⁸ A-Z⁸ 2a¹⁰ (leaf 2a10 blank).
Woodcut title vignette (printer's device).
Criblé initials.
Initial spaces with guide letters.
Printed marginalia.
Includes index.
Local notes:
Way copy has partially illegible early manuscript note ("1532[?] c[...] [...]2[...]") on front pastedown; early manuscript note ("Accidit, pro contingit 313") at head of front free endpaper.
Way copy has early manuscript list of Latin proverbs and headed "Aspiret coeptis Jesus" on blank leaf preceding title leaf; early manuscript lists of authors on verso of back free endpaper and two preceding blank leaves; 18th-century manuscript note in the hand of Aymon Proust de Chambourg on verso of title leaf; a few manuscript underlines and marginal notes in text.
Way copy has early manuscript ownership inscription ("ex Libris christophori proust") of Christophe Proust de Chambourg on front pastedown; name ("CHRISTOPHORVS PROVSTVS AVRELIVS.") composed of letters printed on individual paper slips above heart-shaped marbled paper slip, the whole surrounded by 4 paper slips printed with type ornaments on front free endpaper; dated 17th-century manuscript ownership inscription ("ex Libris christophori Prousti Domini De Chambourg Aurelii 1650.") with accompanying partially illegible manuscript note ("[...] auunculi mei cum erat frater natu maior patre meo") in the hand of his nephew Aymon Proust de Chambourg on title leaf; partially illegible dated 17th-century manuscript ownership inscription ("EX Libris christophori prousti Domini De Chambourg A[...] 1630[?]") on leaf 2a10v.
Way copy has on title leaf partially illegible 18th-century manuscript provenance note ("hic liber despauteri pertinuit ad auum meum antonium Proust dominum de chambourg antecessorem in academia Bituricensi deinde ad patrem meum aymonem Proust dominum de chambourg antecessorem in academia aurelianensi postea ad me aymonem proust de chambourg antecessorem aurelianensem et a saeculo in antecessoria dignitate s[...]s constituti 1730 [...] probatio et[?] [...] supremi consilii stat[...] regis emisso [written above: uersalliae] die decima octava mensis Julii anni millesimi septengentesimi uigesimi secundi signato Phelipeaux"), recording the ownership of this volume by Antoine Proust de Chambourg (d. 1650), his son Aymé (or Esme) Proust de Chambourg (d. 1706), and grandson Aymon Proust de Chambourg (d. 1762), in the hand of Aymon Proust de Chambourg.
Way copy has dated 19th-century manuscript gift note ("Munus a J.V. Leclerc acceptum rursus mihi dedit Æ Egg[...] [...] Kal. Nov. 1888 E Benoist") at foot of front free endpaper.
Way copy has on front free endpaper fair rounded oval red applied seal (presumably shellac). Size: approximately 21 x 17 mm. Design: unidentified armorial bearings. No legend.
Way copy: left board partly detached from spine; many leaves dampstained; leaves cropped at fore-edge margin with occasional damage to manuscript marginalia.
Penn Provenance:
Way, Peter (former owner) (Way copy)
Leclerc, J. V. (inscription) (Way copy)
Benoist, E. (autograph) (Way copy)
Proust de Chambourg, Antoine, -1650 (former owner) (inscription) (Way copy)
Proust de Chambourg, Aymé, -1706 (former owner) (inscription) (Way copy)
Proust de Chambourg, Aymon, -1762 (autograph) (Way copy)
Proust de Chambourg, Christophe (former owner) (inscription) (Way copy)
Penn Chronology:
Estienne, Robert, 1503?-1559, printer.
Peter Way Collection of Early Modern Texts (University of Pennsylvania)
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