Animal welfare in a changing world / edited by Andrew Butterworth, University of Bristol, UK.

Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK ; Boston, MA, : CABI, [2018]
xviii, 273 pages : color illustrations ; 26 cm
Animal welfare.
Contemporary and challenging, this thought-provoking book outlines a number of the key dilemmas in animal welfare today and tomorrow. The key issues range from the welfare of fur and fashion animals, to debates around intensive farming versus sustainability and climate change, to animals in tourism, rodeos, races and fiestas. The human-animal welfare impact is explored, including human impact on marine mammals, fish, wildlife, companion and farm animals, together with our impact on zoo and laboratory animals.
Introduction / Andy Butterworth
Habitat loss: changing how animals think? / Paul C. Paquet and Shelley M. Alexander
Whale entanglement - a 21st-century challenge in the ocean / Sarah Dolman, Regina Asmutis-Silvia and Conor Ryan
The welfare effects of PCBs in the ocean / Mark Peter Simmonds
The fence - the welfare implications of the loss of the true wild / Adam G. Hart
Trophy hunting and animal welfare / Mark Jones and Chris Draper
Carry on carrion: the fall of the scavenger / Maria Panagiotopoulou, Panagiotis Azmanis, Rigas Tsiakiris and Kalliopi Stara
Restoring what we have destroyed: animal welfare aspects of wildlife conservation, reintroduction and rewilding programmes / Charlotte Berg
Intensification - the pressures of volume / Joyce D'Silva
Welfare challenges: feedlot cattle / Miriam Martin and Temple Grandin
Public opinion and the retailer: driving forces in animal welfare? / Henry Buller
Vertebrate/invertebrate - when do we start caring? / Michael J. Kuba
Animal welfare at slaughter - a level global playing field? / Paul Whittington
Precision livestock farming: the future of livestock welfare monitoring and management? / Tomás Norton and Daniel Berckmans
The paradoxical world of the dog / John Bradshaw and Elly Hiby
Animal experience of domestication / Xavier Boivin
Better to have lived and lost - the concept of a life worth living / James Yeates
If fishes feel pain, what should we do? / Victoria A. Braithwaite
Anthropomorphism: faulty thinking or useful tool? / Charles Foster
Speciesism / Stijn Bruers
Longevity and brevity - is death a welfare issue? / Andy Butterworth and James Yeates
Promises and challenges of big data associated with automated dairy cow welfare assessment / Kristof Hermans, Geert Opsomer, Bonny Van Ranst and Miel Hostens
Animal welfare: information in a changing world / Harry J. Blokhuis
Licensed to harm / Rebecca Aldworth
Animal watching in tourism / Taryn Glass and David A. Fennell
The rise of the inclusive approach to change in animal welfare / Philip Lymbery
Animal welfare protection in the face of shrinking public resource / Sophia Hepple.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Butterworth, A. (Andrew), editor.
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