The world disorder : US hegemony, proxy wars, terrorism and humanitarian catastrophes / Luiz Alberto Moniz Bandeira ; [translated by Américo Lucena Lage].

Bandeira, Moniz, author.
Standardized Title:
Desordem mundial. English
Cham, Switzerland : Springer Nature, [2019] , ©2019
xxiii, 455 pages ; 25 cm
United States -- Foreign relations -- 21st century.
International relations.
Terrorism -- Political aspects -- United States.
United States -- Politics and government -- 21st century.
United States -- Foreign relations -- 20th century.
United States -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
Diplomatic relations.
International relations.
Politics and government.
Terrorism -- Political aspects.
United States.
This book offers a historical analysis of the geopolitical and geoeconomic competition between the USA and Russia, which has recently heated up again due to the eastward expansion of NATO. The analysis departs from an exploration of the USA's foreign policy and geopolitical ambitions by illustrating the influence of Wall Street and the military-industrial complex on the country's political decision-making. The historical review covers a wide timespan, from the Second World War and the birth of NATO, to the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, to the rebellions that erupted in Eurasia, Northern Africa and the Middle East in the 2010's, as well as the wars in the Ukraine and in Syria. By doing so, it reveals the influence of US neocons, the US intelligence services and the military complex on the Arab Spring, the Color Revolutions and the armed conflicts in Ukraine and Syria. Ultimately, the book depicts a new era of worldwide instability and disorder, dominated by violence and arbitrariness.
1 Introduction: US, the Middle East, Syria, and Ukraine: A Dialectical Approach on Recent History
2 The US Republic and Its Transformation Into an Oligarchic Tyranny
3 The Military-industrial Complex in the West and the Opposing Power Sphere in the East
4 Nine-eleven and the Accelerated Mutation of the American Republic
5 An Astonishing Continuity: From George W. Bush to Barack Obama
6 A New US Strategy to Confront China's and Russia's Growing Military Power
7 From Soviet Union to Russian Oligarchic Power System, and Forwards to Putin
8 The USA/NATO Push Toward the East After the Collapse of the Soviet Union
9 The Real Reasons of Washington's Intervention in Libya
10 Geopolitical Lessons Learnt and Not Learnt: The Case of Syria
11 Chemical-weapons Attack in Ghouta as a Pretext for USA Intervention
12 A New Piece in the Geopolitical Game: The Invention of Ukraine
13 Lenin's Incentive to Self-determination and Ukrainian Nationalism
14 Ukraine as Soviet Republic and After: Focus on Donbas
15 US Efforts on Drive a Wedge Between Ukraine and Russia
16 Russia Opposes a New Orange Revolution in Ukraine
17 The Ukrainian Shift Away from Russia, and Putin's Reaction
18 Crimea Back to Russia, and Economic Sanctions Against Russia
19 Ukrainian Regime Change, Civil War and the USA-Russia Proxy War
20 Ukrainian Separatists and the War in Donbas
21 The Ukrainian Government, the Rise of the Extreme Right, the Minsk Agreements, and the Persistence of Conflict
22 Ukraine: The Same Political Environment As in the Middle East and North Africa
23 Israel Under Right-wing Government
24 Netanyahu's Occupation Policy and the Israel-Palestian War
25 A New Cold War, a New Moscoe-Beijing Axis, and the Decline of American Hegemony
26 Epilogue: US Military-Financial Oligarchy and the Exporting of "Democracy" through war and Terror.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Lage, Américo Lucena, translator.
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