Selected fables & tales / La Fontaine. Translated by Marie Ponsot ; with an afterword by Wallace Fowlie.

La Fontaine, Jean de, 1621-1695.
New York ; Toronto : Published by The New American Library ; London : The New English Library Limited, [1966]
190, [2] pages 18 cm.
Signet classic ; CT335.
A Signet classic ; T335

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Standardized Title:
Works. Selections. English. 1966
Other Title:
Selected fables and tales of La Fontaine
Fables, French -- Translations into English.
Fables, French.
Place of Publication:
United States New York (State) New York (City)
Ontario Toronto.
England London.
The grasshopper and the ant
The crow and the fox
The frog who wanted to make herself big as an ox
Two mules
The heifer, the goat, the lamb, together with the lion
The city rat and the country rat
The thieves and the donkey
The fox and the stork
The rooster and the pearl
The wolf pleads against the fox before the monkey
The two bulls and a frog
The bird struck by an arrow
The lion and the rat
The dove and the ant
The peacock complains to Juno
The wolf who became a shepherd
The wolf and the stork
The lion slain by a man
The fox and the grapes
The swan and the cook
The wolves and the lambs
The lion who had grown old
Philomel and Procne
The drowned woman
The weasel in the attic storeroom
The donkey and the little dog
The man and the wooden idol
The crow dressed in peacock feathers
The camel and the driftwood
The fox and the portrait head
The wolf, the goat, and the kid
A saying of Socrates
The master's eye
The very small fish and the fisherman
The hare's ears
The farmer and his children
The mountain in labor
The doctors
The hen that laid golden eggs
The stag and the vine
The snake and the file
The bear and the two friends
The donkey dressed in the lion-skin
The mule boasts of his genealogy
The old man and the donkey
The stag who saw his reflection
The hare and the tortoise
The sun and the frogs
The farmer and the snake
The bird-catcher, the hawk, and the lark
The horse and the donkey
The dog that dropped his prey for its shadow
The charlatan
The rat that retired from worldly affairs
The heron
The young woman
The lion holds court
The coach and the fly
The milkmaid and the pot of milk
The two roosters
The cat, the weasel, and the small rabbit
The head and the tail of the snake
The man and the flea
The pig, the goat, and the sheep
The donkey and the dog
The value of learning
The torrent and the river
The monkey and the leopard
The schoolboy, the teacher, and the man who owned a garden
The sculptor and the statue of Jupiter
The candle
The kite and the nightingale
The turtle and the two ducks
The man who buried things, and his friend
The pheasant hen and the roosters
The dog that had his ears trimmed
The lioness and the bear
The merchant, the gentleman, the shepherd, and the prince
The dream of a man in the land of the great mogul
The lion, the monkey, and the two donkeys
The old man and the three young men
The old cat and the young mouse
The sick stag
The eagle and the magpie
The fox, the flies, and the hedgehog
Love and folly
The fox and the turkeys
The Scythian philosopher
The madman and the wise man
The story of something that happened at Chà‚teau-Thierry
A story taken from Atheneus
Another story taken from Atheneus
The ear-maker and the mold-mender
The vindicated servant girl
The villager looking for a calf
The load
The kiss returned
King Candule
Smoked eel
Letter to Racine, 6 June 1686
On the death of Moliè€re
Epitaph for a lazy man
Another epitaph: on a talkative man
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"First Printing, September 1966"
Includes index.
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Potok Collection copy presented to the Penn Libraries by Adena Potok.
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Potok, Adena (donor) (Potok Collection copy)
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Ponsot, Marie, translator.
Fowlie, Wallace, 1908-1998.
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