Biblia sacra Veteris & Noui Testamenti iuxta Vulgatam, quam dicunt, editionem / Ioannis Benedicti Parisiensis theologi industria accuratè recognita & emendata, annorum[que] à mundo condito ad Christum vsque natu[m] supputatione illustrata ; adiectis ad singula quae[que] capita breuibus argumentis & ad finem voluminis, Hebraicarum, Graecarum, caeterarúmque peregrinarum vocum interpretationibus, tribus item indicibus, quoru[m] primus sententias in toto co[n]texu Bibliorum maximè insignes, secundus ea quae in scholiis notatu dignissima occurrunt, tertius locorum illustrium nomina comprehendit atque explanat ; porro characteres seu signa quae legenti passim occurrent, epistola nu[n]cupatoria tertio ab hinc folio manifestabit.

Standardized Title:
Bible. Latin. Vulgate. 1558.
Other Title:
Biblia sacra Veteris & Noui Testamenti ivxta Vvlgatam, qvam dicvnt, editionem
Biblia sacra Veteris & Novi Testamenti iuxta Vulgatam, quam dicunt, editionem
Parisiis : Apud haeredes Carolae Guillard viduae quondam Claudij Cheuallonij, MDLVIII [1558]
[Paris] : Excudebat Benedictus Praeuotius, anno Domini 1558.
[16], 688, 681-888, 235, [97] pages ; 42 cm (fol.)
imha etn- ci:& didi (3) 1558 (R)
Place of Publication:
France Paris.
Contains Jerome's prefaces.
Colophon on leaf PP6r reads: Excudebat Benedictus Praeuotius, anno domini. 1558.
Signatures: *⁸ a-z⁸ A-Z⁸ Aa-Kk⁸ AA-OO⁸ PP⁶, ²A-C⁸ D-E⁶, ³A⁸ B-C⁶.
Errors in pagination: pages 187-188 and 394 incorrectly numbered 186-187 and 395, respectively.
Woodcut title vignette (bookseller's device) and initials.
Printed marginalia.
Includes indexes.
Local notes:
Way copy has some early manuscript annotations in text.
Way copy donated to the Penn Libraries by Lucan Way in 2018.
Way copy has early manuscript ownership inscription ("ad Bibliothecam Canoniae S: agathae ord: S: Crucis") of the library of Klooster Sint Aegten (Sint Agatha, Netherlands) on title leaf.
Way copy bound in 19th-century quarter German calf over brown marbled paper boards (damaged); 5 raised bands on spine; gold-tooled spine panels; gold-stamped brown leather spine label ("BIBLIASS: DE Ao. 1558. STANTE CONCILIO TRIDENTINO"); all edges stippled red.
Way copy cropped at fore-edge margin with damage to manuscript marginalia; some leaves at beginning of volume dampstained in tail margin.
Penn Provenance:
Way, Peter (former owner) (Way copy)
Way, Lucan (donor) (Way copy)
Klooster Sint Aegten (Sint Agatha, Netherlands) (former owner) (inscription) (Way copy)
Crosier Fathers (former owner) (inscription) (Way copy)
Penn Chronology:
Cited in:
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Benoit, Jean, 1484?-1573, editor.
Prévost, Benoît, -approximately 1562, printer.
Haeredes Carolae Guillard, bookseller.
Peter Way Collection of Early Modern Texts (University of Pennsylvania)
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