Man and nature : philosophical issues in biology / edited and with introductions by Ronald Munson.

New York : Dell Publishing Co., Inc., 750 Third Avenue New York, New York 10017 1971. , ©1971
Delta book.
A Delta book
xxxi, 413 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm.
Munson, Ronald, 1939-, -- editor.
Biology -- Philosophy.
Biology -- Philosophy.
Filosofische aspecten.
Ethische aspecten.
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United States New York (State) New York (City)
Mechanistic explanation and organismic biology / Ernest Nagel
In defense of biology / Barry Commoner
Antireductionism and molecular biology / Kenneth F. Schaffner
Organismic biology / Morton Beckner
Teleological explanation and teleological systems / Ernest Nagel
Teleology / Morton Beckner
Cause and effect in biology / Ernst Mayr
Two evolutionary theories / Majorie Grene
Two evolutionary theories
a discussion / Walter J. Bock and Gerd von Wahlert
On evolutionary theories / Leigh van Valen
Two evolutionary theories
a reply / Marjorie Grene
Determinism and indeterminism in biological evolution / Theodosius Dobzhansky
Evolutionary determinism / George Gaylord Simpson
Explanation and prediction in evolutionary theory / Michael Scriven / Michael Scriven
The species concept : a semantic review / Benjamin H. Burma
The species concept : semantics versus semantics / Ernest Mayr
Taxonomy, language, and reality / John R. Gregg
Does evolution manifest progress? / T.A. Goudge
Man's place in nature / George Gaylord Simpson
The future of man
evolutionary aspects / Julian Huxley
Human value and biological wisdom / C.H. Waddington
Evolution and general ethical standards / Julian Huxley
Darwinism and ethics / D. Daiches Raphael
Biology and ethics / George Gaylord Simpson
The functional limits of morality / Konrad Lorenz
Cain's children / Robert Ardrey
The new litany of innate depravity, or original sin revisited / M.F. Ashley Montagu.
"A Delta book."--verso of title page.
"Copyright ©1971 by J. Ronald Munson"--verso of title page.
"First printing, September 1971"--verso of title page.
Includes bibliographical references (pages 407-413).
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Penn Libraries Rare copy gifted by Dr. Mark B. Adams in 2018.
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Adams, Mark B., (former owner) (Adams copy)
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Munson, Ronald, 1939- , Compiler
Dell Publishing Company, publisher.
Mark B. Adams Emergence of Modern Science Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
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Online version: Man and nature.
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