[Basel?] : [Pamphilus Gengenbach?], [between 1515 and 1520?]
[458+] pages : illustrations ; 15 cm (8vo)

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Standardized Title:
Hortulus animae. German
Catholic Church -- Prayers and devotions -- Early works to 1800.
Wooden boards (Binding)
Place of Publication:
Switzerland Basel.
[Calendar with saints' days and monthly verses]
Das laßtäffelin oder der zwölff zeichen
Zu suchen den Son[n]tag buchstaben
[Astronomical and seasonal data]
Diß seind die sibe[n] zeyt oder der Curß von vnser lieben frawen, als sy zusamen bracht vnd gemacht seind in dem Concilio zu Claromont. Vn[d] auffgesetz zu sprechen von babst Vrbano dem anderen
Diß seindt die sybe[n] tagzeyt des leide[n]s vnsers herre[n] iesu cristi
[Various prayers related to the Passion]
Der passion als jn sant Iohans ewangeliste schreibet
Diß seint die syben buß psalmen
Die letaney
[Prayers for various circumstances, to the Virgin Mary and to the Trinity]
[Prayers to the Virgin Mary]
[Prayers to angels and St. John the Baptist]
Hie nach folge[n] gebett von de[n] heilige[n] zwölffbotten vn[d] ewangelisten nach ordnung des kalenders
Nun folgent harnach gebett von den heilige[n] marterern wie sie in dem kalender nacheinander kumment
Hie nach folgend gutt gebet von den namhafftigen beichtigern, nach ordnu[n]g des kalenders
Hienach volge[n] gut gebett von den heilige[n] junkfrawe[n] vnd witwe[n] nach ordnu[n]g des kalenders
[Prayers for feasts of the Church]
Hienach volgt ein vnderrichtu[n]g wie vn[d] was man beychte[n] sol
Hie nach volge[n]t schöne gebett die zu sprechenn seind so man d[as] hochwürdig sacrame[n]t empfahe[n] wil vnd heysset sant bernhardus curß
Ein außlegung vn[d] bedeutung der kleider des priesters der meß wil halten, mit etlichen andern stücken auch dar zu gehörig
Hie nach folget ein ampt der heilige[n] meß vo[n] vnser lieben frauwe[n]
[Prayers for various needs and occasions, including illness and death]
Hie nach folge[n]t sybe[n] andechtige betrachtung all tag durch die ganzte wuchen gar nutzlich vn[d] fruchtbar eim jede[n] mesche[n]
Das Register dises büchleins.
Cataloged from imperfect copy: all before leaf a2 (including title leaf), leaves a8, b1-b2, b7-b8 q8, r1, r8, s1, s8, t1, t4-t5, v1, v8, x1-x2, D7, H1, and all after leaf H9 wanting. Title devised by cataloger. Place of printing and printer's name conjectured by cataloger: "FMS" woodcuts by Urs Graf used in two other German Hortuli animae printed by Pamphilus Gengenbach of Basel; see F. Hieronymus, Basler Buchillustration 1500-1545, number 93 and K. Prietzel, Pamphilus Gengenbach, numbers 19 and 54. Imprint date range from bookseller's description.
Octavo. Leaf c3r: 25 lines; area of text: 104 x 66 mm. Printed initials and paragraph marks. With signatures; without foliation or catchwords. Text printed in red and black. Inhabited woodcut initial "H" in red and black on leaf c2r and in black on leaves g3v, i7v, and z6r.
Seven extant woodcut illustrations signed with the VG monogram of Urs Graf (G.K. Nagler, Die Monogrammisten II, number 744) and the letters “FMS” (probably for an Augustinian patron, Frater Maximilian Stürtzel of Freiburg im Breisgau; see F. Hieronymus, Basler Buchillustration, pages 79-80): Annunciation (leaf c1v), King David with harp (leaf i7r), Saint Lawrence (leaf r3v), Saint Paul and Saint Anthony (leaf r6r), Saint Barbara and Saint Margaret (leaf s7v), Saint Anne with child Jesus and Virgin Mary, Saint Monica, and a kneeling monk, the whole surmounted by a banderole which reads “S. MONIKA” (leaf v6r), and two male ecclesiastical figures blessing a church (leaf x3v).
Fifty-six extant unsigned woodcut illustrations (four repeated, for a total of sixty): Dominical letter chart (leaf b6v), Crucifixion with Virgin Mary and Saint John (leaves g3r and h3r), Mass of Saint Gregory (leaf h2r), Agony in the Garden (leaf i1r), Trinity (leaves n5r and v3r), Man of Sorrows and Mater Dolorosa with Arma Christi (leaf n6r), Virgin Mary as Woman of the Apocalypse with child Jesus (leaf o2v), Archangel Michael (leaf o8v), Guardian angel (leaf p1r), Saint John the Baptist (leaf p2v), Saint Matthias (leaf p3v), Saint Philip (leaf p4r), Saint James the Lesser (leaf p4v), Saint Peter (leaf p5r), Saint Paul (leaf p6r), Saint James the Greater (leaf p7r), Saint Bartholomew (leaf p7v), Saint Matthew (leaf p8r), Saint Simon (leaf q1r), Saint Jude (leaf q1v), Saint Andrew (leaf q2r), Saint Thomas (leaf q3r), Saint John the Evangelist (leaves q4r and B7r), Saint Mark (leaf q5r), Saint Luke (leaf q5v), Saint Sebastian (leaf q6r), Saint Valentine (leaf q6v), Saint George (leaf q7v), Saint Christopher (leaf r2v), Saint Stephen (leaf r4r), Saint Nicholas and other saints (leaves r4v and s4r), Saint Gregory the Great (leaf r6v), Saint Ambrose (leaf r7v), Saint Francis of Assisi (leaf s2v), Saint Leonard (leaf s3r), Saint Martin (leaf s3v), Saint Agnes (leaf s4v), Saint Dorothea (leaf s5v), Saint Apollonia (leaf s6r), Saint Gertrude (leaf 7r), Saint Ursula (leaf t3r), Saint Elizabeth (leaf t3v), Adoration of the Magi (leaf t7r), Annunciation (leaf t8v), Ascension (leaf v2r), Pentecost (leaf v2v), Corpus Christi (leaf v4r), Visitation (leaf v4v), Assumption of the Virgin (leaf v5v), Arma Christi (leaf v6v), Apostles (leaf v7r), Confession (leaf x4v), Holy Communion (leaf z1v), Elevation of the Host (leaf A1r), Hell[?] (leaf G3r), and The Last Judgment (leaf G4v).
The unsigned woodcuts of Saint Christopher (leaf r2v) and Saint Martin (leaf s3v) are by Albrecht Dürer (H. Koegler, Illustrierte Erbauungsbücher Z. 1.14, 16; see also Oldenbourg page 107 and plate 21). These two and nine other unsigned woodcuts also appear in Hortulus anime Tütsch (Basel: Nikolaus Lamparter, 16 October 1518): Saint George (leaf q7v) and Saint Apollonia (leaf s6r) (H. Koegler, Illustrierte Erbauungsbücher Zyklus 2.8-9); Saint Stephen (leaf r4r) (H. Koegler, Illustrierte Erbauungsbücher Zyklus 5.3); Ascension (leaf v2r) (H. Koegler, Illustrierte Erbauungsbücher Zyklus 6.5); Adoration of the Magi (leaf t7r), Visitation (leaf v4v), Apostles (leaf v7r) and Holy Communion (leaf z1v) (H. Koegler, Illustrierte Erbauungsbücher Zyklus 7.3, 5, 34, 37); and Saint Elizabeth (leaf t3v) (H. Koegler, Illustrierte Erbauungsbücher Zyklus 9.26). See also Oldenbourg pages 110-111.
Signatures: a2-a7 b3-b6 c-p⁸ q1-q7 r2-r7 s2-s7 t2-t3 t6-t8 v2-v7 x3-x8 y-z⁸ A-C⁸ D1-D6 D8 E-G⁸ H2-H9.
Not in VD 16, Bohatta or Oldenbourg. A similar edition, also imperfect, is recorded in Paul Graupe (Firm), Manuskripte, Inkunabeln, Holzschnittbücher des 16. Jahrhunderts u.a. ... Auktion 57 am 14. Dezember 1925, number 391 (page 174).
Online version available via Colenda
Local notes:
Lea Library copy has manuscript bibliographical and provenance notes in Italian in pencil on front pastedown; early manuscript note in German on blank leaf preceding back free endpaper.
Lea Library copy acquired for the Penn Libraries at auction from Swann Galleries (7 March 2019, lot 50) in 2019 with assistance from the Lea Library Maintenance Fund.
Lea Library copy has bookplate ("Jaco Calleri Damonte Graja (Piemont)") of Giacomo Calleri Damonte (1928-2008) with illegible red ink armorial stamp affixed to inside left board.
Lea Library copy bound in full modern blind-tooled leather over wooden boards; 3 raised, blind-ruled bands on spine; modern pastedowns and free endpapers (pastedowns detached from boards); evidence of 2 leather fore-edge clasps.
Lea Library copy: "contents heavily soiled with varying marginal dampstaining, particularly conspicuous toward end, clean tear across [leaf] x7, few other shorter tears not affecting text or images, hole through signature [mark] in lower outer corner of [leaf] A6"--Bookseller's description.
Penn Provenance:
Calleri Damonte, Giacomo, 1928-2008 (bookplate) (Lea Library copy)
Penn Chronology:
1515-1520? (between)
Dürer, Albrecht, 1471-1528, illustrator.
Graf, Urs, approximately 1485-approximately 1527, illustrator.
Gengenbach, Pamphilus, approximately 1480-1525, printer.
Henry Charles Lea Library (University of Pennsylvania)
Lea Library Maintenance Fund.