[Seliḥot] = [סליחות]

Standardized Title:
[Provence], [1680?-1720?]
[פרובנס], [1680?-1720?]
102 leaves : paper ; 220 x 160 (165 x 105) mm.
Jews -- France -- Comtat Venaissin -- 17th century.
Codices (bound manuscripts)
Prayer books.
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Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 17th century.
Manuscripts, Hebrew -- 18th century.
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This is a manuscript of Seliḥot likely written in late 17th-century Provence for a specific minhag, or rite, of the Seliḥot for a Provençal locality; being a fragment, it is not possible to ascertain the exact rite being inscribed. The headings, poem titles, and other visual elements match closely with other manuscripts signed by ʻImanuʼel ben Gad de Milhaud, a scribe active in Provence during the late 17th and early 18th centuries. The beginning and the end of the manuscript are both missing; the selection of Seliḥot were the complete set for the High Holidays; originally beginning with the first prayers a week before Rosh ha-Shanah (traditionally recited in the early hours, hence the name Ashmurah), and likely finishing with the Seliḥot for the eve of Yom Kippur. The titles to the piyutim follow other Provençal Maḥzorim and Seliḥot; Seliḥah, Tokhaḥah, Rehuṭah, Baḳashah, and Mustag'ib (מסתגאיב). Item likely was a larger quarto size originally, with a sheepskin leather binding; spine has totally disintegrated with only the two bands across the backs of the gatherings surviving.
1. f. 1r-14r: [Ashmurah yom rishon]
2. f. 14r-20r: Ashmurah lel motsaʼe shabat
3. f. 20r-26v: Ashmurah yom sheni
4. f. 27r-31v: Ashmurah yom shelishi
5. f. 31v-38r: Ashmurah yom reviʻi
6. f. 38v-41v: Ashmurah yom ḥamishi
7. f. 42r-48r: Ashmurah yom shishi
8. f. 48v-58r: Ashmurah tsom Gedaliah
9. f. 59r-66v: Le-Ashmurah sheniyah shel ʻaśeret yeme teshuvah
10. f. 66v-72r: Le-Ashmurah shelishit shel ʻaśeret yeme teshuvah
11. f. 72r-80r: Le-Ashmurah reviʻit shel ʻaśeret yeme teshuvah
12. f. 80r-101v: Le-Ashmurah ḥamishit shel ʻaśeret yeme teshuvah.
1. f. 1r-14r: [אשמורה יום ראשון]
2 f. 14r-20r: אשמורה ליל מוצאי שבת
3 f. 20r-26v: אשמורה יום שני
4. f. 27r-31v: אשמורה יום שלישי
5. f. 31v-38r: אשמורה יום רביעי
6. f. 38v-41v: אשמורה יום חמישי
7. f. 42r-48r: אשמורה יום שישי
8 f. 48v-58r: אשמורה צום גדליה
9 f. 59r-66v: לאשמורה שניה של עשרת ימי תשובה
10 f. 66v-72r: לאשמורה שלישית של עשרת ימי תשובה
11 f. 72r-80r: לאשמורה רביעית של עשרת ימי תשובה
12 f. 80r-101v: לאשמורה חמישית של עשרת ימי תשובה.
Ms. codex.
Title supplied by cataloger.
Collation: Paper, 102; 1-2¹⁶ 3¹⁶ (-16) 4-5¹⁶ 6¹² 7¹² (-12) ; modern foliation in pencil, center left recto, 1-102.
Layout: 26 long lines ruled in hardpoint, with most lines faint to invisible; for poetic works, two columns are used with each stanza centered with each refrain written in the center of the column. Quarto format.
Script: Written in a Provençal semi-cursive script with vowels; headings written in a large bold Ashkenazic cursive likely in the hand of ʻImanuʼel ben Gad de Milhaud. This scribe was prolific in creation of manuscripts for prayers in the customs of French communities, and he was active in the late 17th and early 18th centuries; his style is distinctive by elements such as layout, title and stanza support, and script.
Condition: Disbound; heavy wear and staining. Foxing on most leaves, with evidence of ink stains on the first folios. Heavily water damaged and faded.
Origin: Written in Provence likely by ʻImanuʼel ben Gad de Milhaud, who was documenting prayer and ritual practice for the communities in the Comtat Venaissin, most often for the "four communities" (ʼArbaʻa ḳehilot), Carpentras, Avignon, L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, and Cavaillon.
Decoration: Minimal script decoration; instead of א-ל, there is one ל with multiple points protruding (f. 11v); a fern (f. 25r); decorative elements in margin (f. 98r).
Penn Provenance:
Presented to The Penn Libraries in 2018 by Joseph and Susan Moldovan (C'76).
Cited as:
UPenn CAJS Rar Ms 486
Milhaud, ʻImanuʼel ben Gad de, scribe.
Moldovan, Joseph, donor.
Moldovan, Susan, donor.
Moldovan Family Judaica Collection (University of Pennsylvania)
דמילייאב, עמנואל בן גד, סופר.
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