Oral rehabilitation for compromised and elderly patients [electronic resource] / Alexandre Mersel, editor.

Cham : Springer, c2019.
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Older people -- Dental care.
Intro; Foreword 1; Foreword 2; Preface; Contents; Introduction; 1: Demography and Aging; 1.1 Introduction; 1.2 The Age Concept; 1.2.1 The Aging Population: A Global Phenomenon; 1.2.2 The Aging Population: Three Main Factors Increasing Life Expectancy; Age Dynamics; Fertility Rates and Longevity Increase; Factors of Life Expectancy; Medical Conditions; Mental Status Evaluation; Oral Status of the Elderly; Edentulism; Aging and Sexuality; 1.2.3 The Necessity of a Bioethical Attempt; 1.2.4 Physiological Design in Complete Dentures
1.2.5 Satisfaction with Complete Dentures1.2.5.1 Immediate Dentures; Overdentures; 1.3 Rationale; 1.3.1 Ethical Rules; 1.3.2 Remarks; References; 2: Systemic Diseases and Oral Health of the Aged Patient; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Periodontal Disease: An Inflammatory Disease with an Infectious Etiology; 2.3 Inflammation: A Common Factor Between Periodontal Diseases and Systemic Diseases; 2.4 Diabetes and Periodontal Diseases; 2.5 Cardiovascular Diseases and Periodontal Diseases; 2.6 Respiratory Diseases and Oral Health; 2.7 Other Systemic Diseases; References
3: The Treatment of Periodontal Diseases in Elderly Patients3.1 Epidemiology and Peculiarities of Periodontal Disease in the Elderly Patients; 3.1.1 Epidemiology; 3.1.2 Are Periodontal Diseases Affected by Ageing?; 3.1.3 Is the Presence of Periodontal Diseases Affecting the Ageing Process?; 3.1.4 Medication Influence on Periodontal Diseases; 3.2 Prevention and Treatment of Periodontal Disease in the Elderly; 3.2.1 General Consideration; 3.2.2 Therapy; 3.2.3 Implant Therapy; 3.2.4 Supportive Periodontal Therapy; References; 4: Physiological Changes in Endodontics; 4.1 Introduction
4.2 Is the Tooth Strategically Important?4.3 Barriers to Successful Endodontics in Old Age; 4.4 Changes in Teeth Physiology; 4.5 Can We Save the Tooth?; 4.6 Diagnosis in the Aged; 4.7 Access Cavity; 4.8 First Probing of the Channel; Suggested Readings; 5: Temporomandibular Joint Disorders in the Elderly; 5.1 General Concepts of TMD Practice: Etiology, Diagnosis, and Management; 5.2 TMJ Disorders in the Elderly: Inflammatory Degenerative Disorders; 5.3 Management Principles for TMJ Disorders in the Elderly; 5.4 Conclusions
6: Masticatory Function and Nutritional Status: Considerations for an Ageing Population6.1 Introduction; 6.2 Malnutrition; 6.3 Tooth Loss in Old Age; 6.4 Masticatory Ability and Masticatory Efficiency; 6.5 Dietary and Physiological Aspects; 6.6 Dentures; References; 7: Carious Destruction of the Remaining Teeth: Diagnostic and Treatment; 7.1 Caries in the Elderly; 7.2 Dental Caries and Ageing of the Dental Tissues: Is There Any Relation?; 7.3 Root Caries; 7.4 Detection and Diagnosis; 7.5 Caries Detection Aiding Tools; 7.6 Lesion Activity: Active or Inactive?
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7.7 Recurrent Caries in Ageing Years
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Mersel, Alexandre.
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