Dismemberments : perspectives in forensic anthropology and legal medicine / edited by Ann H. Ross, Eugé́nia Cunha.

London : Academic Press, [2019] , ©2019
xii, 199 pages : illustrations (chiefly color), 25 cm
Forensic anthropology.
Medical jurisprudence.
Dismemberments: Perspectives in Forensic Anthropology and Legal Medicine is the only volume in the field to address the complexities of interpreting dismemberment trauma, the different tools used, and the sociocultural motives behind dismemberments. The book's goal is to provide the reader with a comprehensive assessment that covers all aspects of dismemberment, from means and motive, to toolmark and instrument identification, to disarticulation and re-association of body parts. Each chapter is written by internationally known, expert contributors from around the world. Users will find this to be is a great resource for those involved in the analysis of recovered human remains.
1. Criminal Dismemberments: A Discussion of Thier Multidisciplinary Nature and Guide to Best Practice / Eugé́nia Cunha, Amanda R. Hale and Ann H. Ross
2. Dismemberment of Victims in Colombia: A Perspective From Practice / Cé́sar Sanabria-Medina and Hadaluz Osorio Restrepo
3. Dismemberment in Brazil: From Early Colonization to Present Days / Aluisio Trindade Filho and Marcos Paulo Salles Machado
4. Postmortem Criminal Mulilation in Panama / José́ Vincente Pachar Lucio
5. Dismemberment in South Africa: Case Studies / Maryna Steyn and Desiré́ Brits
6. A Dismemberment Case From Portugal: How a Dozen Bones Can Tell the Story / Eugé́nia Cunha
7. The Potential of Histological Analysis in Dismenberment Cases / Tania Delabarde and Bertrand Ludes
8. Dismemberment and Toolmark Analysis on Bone: A Microscopic Analysis of the Walls of Cut Marks / Alberto Amadasi, Debora Mazzarelli, Caterina Oneto, Annalisa Cappella, Andrea Gentilomo and Cristina Cattaneo
9. Skeletal Evidence of Sharp-Force Disarticulation and Tissue Flensing in 54 Cases Exhibiting Approximately 4200 Bone Strike Injuries / Carl N. Stephan, Jodi M. Caple, Jen G. Atkins, Jeffrey J. Lynch, Brandon Meikle and Wes Fisk
10. Intentional Body Dismemberment Following Nonhomicidal Deaths: A Retrospective Study of Body Packer Cases in New York City / Bradley J. Adams, Christopher W. Rainwater and Corinne N. Ambrosi
11. Toolmark Identification on Bone: Best Practice / Ann H. Ross and Deborah Radisch
12. The Pattern of Violence and Aggression / Ann H. Ross, Ashley Humphries and Eugé́nia Cunha
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ross, Ann H., editor.
Cunha, Eugenia, editor.
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