The historical perceptions of Korea and Japan : its origins and points of the issues concerning Dokdo-Takeshima, Yasukuni Shrine, comfort women, and textbooks / edited by Hyun Dae-song.

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Hanʼguk kwa Ilbon ŭi yŏksa insik. English.
Gyoha-eup Kyeonggi-do, Korea : Nanam, 2008.
465 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Korea -- Relations -- Japan.
Japan -- Relations -- Korea.
International relations.
Korea -- diplomatiska förbindelser -- Japan.
Japan -- diplomatiska förbindelser -- Korea.
Japan -- foreign policy -- diplomacy -- historical presentation -- Korea -- South Korea.
Introductions. The historical perceptions of Korea and Japan
pt. 1. The Dokdo-Takeshima issue. The Dokdo-Takeshima issue: its origins and the current situation / Hyun Dae-song
Japan's incorporation of Takeshima into its territory in 1905 / Hori Kazuo
Questions concerning the Japanese theory on Takeshima as Japan's inherent territory / Naito Seichu
Japan's policy towards territorial disputes in East Asia / Wada Haruki
pt. 2. The issues of Yasukuni Shrine, 'comfort women, ' and textbooks. Yasukuni shrine: a controversial historical issue involving Japan and Korea / Takahashi Tetsuya
Controversies surrounding the question of the Japanese Army's comfort stations and 'comfort women' / Youn Myoung-sook
Historical conflict and dialogues between Korea and Japan: with the focus on the current issues concerning Japanese historical textbooks / Chung Jae-jeong
pt. 3. The evolution of conflict between Korea and Japan in the post World War II. The 'Treaty on basic relations' and the 'Agreement on claims' between the Republic of Korea and Japan / Kim Chang-rok
The Cold War and relations between Japan and Korea / Kimiya Tadashi
Current situation of compensation for Koreans mobilized forcefully during Japan's colonial rule: with the focus on the period following the disclosure of the documents related to the Korea-Japan negotiations for the normalization of bilateral relations / Choi Bong-tae
pt. 4. Beyond the past and confrontation. Background to history-related conflicts between Korea and Japan: Japanese nationalism against Korea / Kang Deok-sang
What are the Japanese to Koreans? The past, present and future / Kim Young-jak
For comprehensive management of relations with Japan: the Dokdo issue, a stumbling block to smooth bilateral relations / Gong Ro-myung
Appendix. Chronology of the historical perceptions of Korea and Japan.
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Hyŏn, Tae-song, 1961-
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Online version: Hanʼguk kwa Ilbon ŭi yŏksa insik. English. Historical perceptions of Korea and Japan.
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