#Charlottesville : white supremacy, populism, and resistence / edited by Christopher Howard-Woods, Colin Laidley, and Maryam Omidi.

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Hashtag Charlottesville
New York, NY : Public Seminar Books in association with OR Books, [2019] , ©2019
239 pages : illustrations ; 18 cm
White nationalism -- Virginia -- Charlottesville.
White supremacy movements -- Virginia -- Charlottesville.
White nationalism.
White supremacy movements.
Unite the Right Rally (2017 : Charlottesville (Va.))
Virginia -- Charlottesville.
"When white nationalists and their supporters clashed with counter-demonstrators in the college town of Charlottesville over the removal of a Confederate statue, resulting in the death of one anti-racist activist and the wounding of thirty-five more, a signal moment in American history was reached. Suddenly, U.S. citizens who had previously thought of themselves as moderate began to wonder whether violence in defending their values against fellow citizens was not only an option, but a necessity--whether the way American history has been commonly presented is not only unfair but inaccurate; whether the current President is to blame for the sudden visibility of white supremacist groups; and finally, whether a surge in racism and ultra-nationalism is irrevocably re-shaping the country. #Charlottesville: White Supremacy, Populism, and Resistance untangles the meaning of the events that unfolded last August. Part One of the book documents and comments upon the immediate aftermath of the violence. Part Two addresses the context, both before and after, for interpreting the violence: essays reflect on the social and cultural landscape of the nation, the role of the media, and the logic of "punching Nazis in the face. ncluding writing by Eric Anthamatten, Nicholas Baer, Wes Bellamy, Keval Bhatt, Vaughn A. Booker, Andrew Boyer, Maria Bucur, Jordan Dunn, Mindy Fullilove, Laura Goldblatt, Jeffrey C. Goldfarb, Maggie Hennefeld, Christopher Howard-Woods, Jeffrey Isaac, Michael Sasha King, Mitchell Kosters, Jared Loggins, Gordon Mantler, Marcus McCullough, Rachel McKinney, Julia Ott, Claire Potter, Isaac Ariail Reed, Neil Roberts, Melvin Rogers, Sanford Schram, Siva Vaidhyanathan, Michael Weinman, Leonard A. Williams, and Deva Woodly."-- from
The civil rights movement 2.0: a message from the Vice Mayor of Charlottesville / by Wes Bellamy
Charlottesville and Trump: David Duke explains neo-Nazi violence to you / by Jeffrey C. Isaac
Loss beyond destruction: Charlottesville reveals the failures of loss / by Jared Loggins
On Trump's response to Charlottesville: political encounters and ideological evasions / by Leonard A. Williams
Subverting the symbols of white supremacy : the wolf and the fox / by Keval Bhatt
Charlottesville, Thomas Jefferson, and America's fate: a response to Keval Bhatt / by Michael Weinman
What we really learned in Charlottesville: finding a way forward / by Andrew Boyer
Jefferson's two bodies: memory, protest, and democracy at the University of Virginia and beyond / by Isaac Ariail Reed
Is it time for the kneeling Freedman statue to go? Remolding our political aesthetics / by Gordon Mantler
Your safety is more foremost concern: lessons from Charlottesville on vulnerability and protection / by Laura Goldblatt
Aristotle on Charlottesville: 'mixed actions' and exercising judgment on violence / by Michael Weinman
Remembering Romanian fascism; worrying about America: losing our moral compass between past and future / by Maria Bucur
Thinking after Charlottesville: a meditation on more of the same / by Marcus McCullough
The false god of nationalism / by Vaughn A. Booker
Russia is our friend: the alt-right, Trump, and the transformation of the Republican party / by Sanford Schram
Being there, separate and unequal: Charlottesville in the mediated public sphere / by Jeffrey C. Goldfarb
The false premises of alt-right ideology: academics must understand how the alt-right sees the world if we are to resist it / by Rachel McKinney
When the past isn't dead: slavery's mark on higher education / by Claire Potter
Prophets of deceit: post-truth politics and the future of the left / by Nicholas Baer and Maggie Hennefeld
White supremacy, fear, and the crises of legitimation: reflections on the mistrial in the murder case of Walter Scott and the election of Donald Trump / by Melvin Rogers
Authoritarianism and civilization: Du Bois, Davis, and Trump / by Neil Roberts
Sitting to stand: protest, patriotism, and the endurance of white supremacy / by Michael Sasha King
#BlackLivesMatter and the democratic necessity of social movements: what active citizenship can look like and what it can accomplish / by Deva Woodly
Escaping the logic(s) of white supremacy: the practice of oppositional thought / by Mitchell Kosters
Before Charlottesville, there was Jamestown / by Mindy Thompson ... [et al.]
Slaves: the capital that made capitalism / by Julie Ott
Punching Nazis in the face: a philosopher makes the case for violent resistance / by Eric Anthamatten.
Includes bibliographical references.
Howard-Woods, Christopher, editor.
Laidley, Colin, editor.
Omidi, Maryam, editor.
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