Engaging transculturality : concepts, key terms, case studies / edited by Laila Abu-Er-Rub, Christiane Brosius, Sebastian Meurer, Diamantis Panagiotopoulos, and Susan Richter.

Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2019. , ©2019
xliv, 431 pages ; 26 cm
Cross-cultural studies.
Ethnology -- Methodology.
Cross-cultural studies.
Ethnology -- Methodology.
"Engaging Transculturality is an extensive and comprehensive survey of the rapidly developing field of transcultural studies. In this volume, the reflections of a large and interdisciplinary array of scholars have been brought together to provide an extensive source of regional and trans-regional competencies, and a systematic and critical discussion of the field's central methodological concepts and terms"-- Provided by publisher.
Cultural hybridity and transculturality / Axel Michaels
Asymmetry in transcultural interaction / Rudolf Wagner
Global connections in transcultural research : thoughts from a historian's perspective / Roland Wenzlhuemer
Not "cultures", but culture! The need for a transcultural perspective in archaeology / Joseph Maran
Civilization(s) : use and abuse of a macro-historical category / Daniel K�onig
Medieval concepts of migration and transculturality / Bernd Schneidm�uller
Transculturality, or, how to find Europe beyond Eurocentrism / Madeleine Herren
Exploring the contact zone : a critical assessment from the perspective of early modern Euro-Ottoman history / Pascal Firges & Tobias P. Graf
Microcosm bazaar : markets as places of cultural encounters and areas of conflict / Frank Gr�uner
Mobility, mediation and transculturation in the medieval Mediterranean : migrating mercenaries and the challenges of mixing / Nikolas Jaspert
Transversal histories and transcultural afterlives : Indianized renditions of Jean Bodin in global intellectual history / Milinda Banerjee
Modern Arabic rhetorical manuals : a transcultural phenomenon / Jan Scholz
Migrant literary genres : transcultural moments and scales of transculturality / Hans Harder
Translating Jesuits' translation as a useful tool to explore transculturality? / Antje Fl�uchter
Islamic law with Chinese characteristics : approaching cultural transfers through a functional theory / Roberta Tontini
Economies of the sacred in premodern Japan / Anna Andreeva
Cultural heritage and architectural history between appropriation, substitution and translation : plaster casts of Angkor Wat in a transcultural perspective / Michael Falser
Appropriation of effective and changing things : a prehistorian's perspective / Philipp Stockhammer
The vocation of indigenous knowledge and sciences as metaconcepts / Dhruv Raina
"A very civil idea" : art history and world-making, with and beyond the nation / Monica Juneja
The problem with a geoaesthetic approach to the Indian highway exhibition / Cathrine Bublatzky
Press powers : China, gender and the media in a global context / Barbara Mittler
Citizenship, hybridity and the state in India / Subrata K. Mitra, Jivanta Sch�ottli & Markus Pauli
The transcultural turn in the study of "religion" / Hans Martin Kr�amer
Emotion studies and transcultural studies / Max Stille
Affect beyond the human : Indian agriculture in a multispecies world / Daniel M�unster
Transforming knowledge : concepts of transcultural studies and digital humanities / Armin Volkmann.
Includes biographical references and index.
Abu-Er-Rub, Laila, editor.
Brosius, Christiane, 1966- editor.
Meurer, Sebastian, editor.
Panagiotopoulos, Diamantis, editor.
Richter, Susan, 1971- editor.
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