[Engraved illustrations extracted from issues of The Lady's Magazine].

[London : Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson, 1794-1800]
78 prints : engravings ; sheets 14 x 19 cm, or smaller
Magazine illustration -- England -- 18th century -- Specimens.
Women's periodicals, English -- 18th century.
Great Britain -- Pictorial works -- Early works to 1800.
Italy -- Pictorial works -- Early works to 1800.
Europe -- Pictorial works -- Early works to 1800.
Engravings (prints)
Topographical views.
Periodical illustrations.
Place of Publication:
England London.
Collection of 78 engraved plates (views and illustrations) extracted from issues of The Lady's Magazine published 1794-1800. The plates are unsigned and undated; all have caption titles and most are also captioned with some variation on the phrase: Engraved for the Lady's Magazine. "The plates have been removed from the original publication with sufficient care to preserve the plates in their entirety, with the original stab-holes remaining intact rather than simply being torn out of the original books."--Bookseller's description.
Bruges (1795 May)
Ruins of a Roman temple in Italy (1795 July)
Palace of St. Mark at Venice (1795 June)
A view of Buckden-Palace in Huntingdon-shire (1797 June)
"Mr. Bere's house, miraculously saved from the fire at Ratcliffe, July 23, 1794" (1794 November)
A view of the new buildings at Somerset House (1799 April)
The happy explanation (1797 July)
A view of Cambridge (1794 October)
The treacherous guardian (1798 May)
A view of the city of Rome (1798 March)
A view of Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk (1795 August)
The brothers (1795 July)
View of Stockholm the capital of Sweden (1798 May)
Chatsworth in Derbyshire (1794 December)
The cure for jealousy (1797 August)
A view of Tong Castle in Shrop-shire (1797 July)
A general view of the ruins of Balbec (1798 February)
"Chatsworth in Derbyshire, the seat of his grace the Duke of Devonshire" (1797 August)
The unexpected discovery (1795 September)
The casket (1798 March) – Antwerp (1795 September)
The intimation (1798 February)
A view of the city of Paris (1795 March)
Benevolence rewarded (1795 August)
Ruins of the villa of Maecenus at Tivoli (1795 December) –
The reconciliation (1797 May) – Mentz (1795 February)
The generous sultan (1795 December)
A view of the city of Berlin (1795 Supplement) – Geneva (1795 April)
Vanity repelled by reflection (1796 May)
Libertine reclaimed (1795 April)
A view in Hyde Park (1799 January)
"Admiral Nelson engaging two Spanish ships of superior force, on the 14th of Febry. 1797, off Cape St. Vincent" (1798 November)
Caernarvon-Castle North-Wales (1796 February)
A view of the city of Vienna (1796 March)
The baptism of the infant princess (1796 March)
A view of Newcastle upon Tyne (1796 September)
The unexpected interview (1796 September)
"The south east view of Llehaiden Castle in Pembrokeshire" (1796 October)
Passion subdued by reason (1795 March)
"Defeat of the French squadron by Sir John Borlase Warren, Octr. 12th, 1798" (1798 December)
Athelwold and Ethelinda (1797 March)
St. Bartholomew's Hospital (1798 July)
The robber (1797 April)
The vow prevented (1797 June)
View of Bodiham-Castle in Sussex (1797 April)
The ingenuous confession (1797 February)
A view of Tattershal-Castle in Lincolnshire (1797 February)
The careless sportsman (1795 October)
A view of Trim Castle in Ireland (1796 July)
The pleasing surprise (1796 July)
View of Waterford in Ireland (1796 August)
Lulworth Castle Dorsetshire (1796 Supplement)
The favourite disgraced (1796 August)
A view of Tobolski (1797 Supplement)
"View of Earl Harcourt's seat, at Nuneham, in Oxford-shire" (1797 September)
The moral lesson (1797 September)
"Wyn-Stay in Denbighshire, seat of Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, Bart." (1797 October)
King's Oak, Epping Forest (1797 May)
Innocence avenged (1797 October)
Ruins of a convent in Italy (1797 November)
The portrait (1797 November)
A view of Surat in the East-Indies (1797 December)
The widow (1797 December)
"A view of Powis-Castle in Montgomery-Shire in Wales" (1797 March)
A view of Chepstow Castle in Monmouthshire (1797 January)
The assault (1798 April)
"View of the city of Copenhagen the capital of Denmark" (1798 April)
The choleric brother (1798 June)
View of Appleby-Castle in Westmoreland (1798 June)
The vicissitudes of fashionable life (1800 January)
The royal palace of Windsor (1796 January)
Charity repaid by gratitude (1796 December)
"A view of Harlech-Castle in Merioneth-shire in Wales" (1796 December)
The prisoner (1796 November)
"The north west view of Cockermouth Castle in Cumberland" (1796 November)
The welcome disappointment (1796 October).
Collection title devised by cataloger.
Mostly horizontal orientation.
"[T]he plates [are] sewn together through new holes on three threads ... [with] small early repairs to two plates, some light soiling and creasing"--Bookseller's description. Views of Mentz and Waterford closely cropped.
Local notes:
RBC copy purchased for the Penn Libraries in 2019 from Amanda Hall Rare Books.
Penn Chronology:
G. G. and J. Robinson (Paternoster Row, London, England), bookseller.
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