Learning NHibernate 4 : explore the full potential of NHibernate to build robust data access code / Suhas Chatekar.

Chatekar, Suhas, author.
Birmingham, [England] ; Mumbai, [India] : Packt Publishing, 2015.
1 online resource (403 p.)
1st edition
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Explore the full potential of NHibernate to build robust data access code
Hibernate (Electronic resource).
Object-oriented programming (Computer science).
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This book targets .NET developers who have never used an ORM before, developers who have used an ORM before but are new to NHibernate, or have used NHibernate sparingly and want to learn more about NHibernate.
Cover; Copyright; Credits; About the Author; About the Reviewers;; Table of Contents; Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction to NHibernate; What is ORM?; What is NHibernate?; What is new in NHibernate 4.0?; NHibernate for users of Entity Framework; Is using ORM a bad idea?; Why ORM is a better bet?; Non-functional features required by the data access layer; Building blocks of NHibernate; Mappings; Configuration; Session; Summary; Chapter 2: Let's Build a Simple Application; Explaining the approach used in learning NHibernate; The problem statement; The development setup
Visual Studio 2013SQL Server 2012 Express; ReSharper; NUnit; NuGet; SQLite; The domain model; Employee; Leave; SeasonTicketLoan; SkillEnhancementAllowance; Adding some code; Adding the NuGet packages to projects; Back to our test; Summary; Chapter 3: Let's Tell NHibernate About Our Database; Important NHibernate terminology; Mapping the prerequisites; Different mechanisms to write the mappings; XML mappings; Fluent mapping; Mapping by code; XML mappings for the Employee class; Getting the development environment ready; Getting IntelliSense to work with the XML mapping files
Unit tests to verify the Employee mappingsThe mappings; Hibernate-mapping; Class; Property; Identifier generation; Identity; Sequence; Hilo; Seqhilo; GUID; Guid.comb; Native; Assigned; Mapping associations; Associations and database tables; One-to-many association; Types of collections; Many-to-one association; One-to-one association; Many-to-many association; Mapping inheritance; Unit tests to verify the inheritance mappings; Table per class hierarchy; Table per subclass; Table per concrete class; Choosing the right inheritance mapping strategy; Mapping components; Mapping by code
IdentifierProperty; Association; One-to-many; Many-to-one; One-to-one; Many-to-many; Component; Inheritance; Table per class hierarchy; Table per subclass; Table per concrete class; Complete mappings by code for the employee benefits domain; Fluent mapping a.k.a. Fluent NHibernate; Inheritance mappings; Table per class hierarchy; Table per concrete class; Table per subclass; Component mapping; Choosing the right mapping method; Summary; Chapter 4: NHibernate Warm-up; Warming up NHibernate succinctly; The NHibernate session architecture; XML configuration; Programmatic configuration
Loquacious configurationFluent configuration; Configuration options; Connection release mode; Dialect; Driver; Mappings; Programmatic configuration; Fluent configuration; Connection string; Caching; Session context; Batch size; Command timeout; Show SQL; Generating the database scripts from mappings; The database creation script; The database update scripts; Automatically create/update the database schema; Summary; Chapter 5: Let's Store Some Data into the Database; Entity states; Transactions and unit of work; Explicit and implicit transactions; Flush modes; Saving entities
Saving entities - complex scenarios
Includes index.
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