Visual Studio Condensed [electronic resource] : For Visual Studio 2013 Express, Professional, Premium and Ultimate Editions / by Patrick Desjardins.

Desjardins, Patrick. author., Author,
Berkeley, CA : Apress : Imprint: Apress, 2014.
1 online resource (245 p.)
1st ed. 2014.
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Visual Studio 2013 is one of the most sophisticated integrated development environments in the world today. With hundreds of features and several different editions available, it can be hard to learn your way around, and hard to know whether you're using it to its full potential. Visual Studio Condensed gives you a quick and systematic guide to the features that matter most, tagged clearly according to their availability. The book starts by familiarizing you with the main features of Visual Studio and how to configure the user interface depending on your needs. You'll then dive into each key developer tool in turn, starting with the editor window and going through the navigation pane, documentation, and the NuGet package manager. Debugging is a difficult skill to master with a range of approaches and tools at your disposal, so you'll see how to make best use of breakpoints, the debugging windows, tracing and managed memory analysis, as well as tips and tricks on advanced debugging techniques that can make a real difference to your productivity. Visual Studio 2013 comes with sophisticated code improvement tools. You can visualize relationships in your code with the Code Map feature, find duplicated code to maximize your code reuse, and use Visual Studio's inbuilt list of metrics to figure out just how healthy your code is and how difficult or easy it will be to maintain. Testing is also made easy with unit testing and web performance tests as well as a Test Manager to organize your tests into test plans and suites. The final chapters of the book cover team work with Team Foundation Server, framework-specific features, and how to build your own Visual Studio extensions. Visual Studio Condensed is the ideal manual for busy developers who just want to get on with what matters: writing code. Whether you're new to Visual Studio or brushing up on the latest features, this book will get you up to speed in no time.
Contents at a Glance; Contents; About the Author; About the Technical Reviewer; Acknowledgments; Introduction; Chapter 1: Introducing Visual Studio; Visual Studio Editions; Visual Studio Express Edition; Visual Studio Professional Edition; Visual Studio Premium Edition; Visual Studio Ultimate Edition; Visual Studio Online; Guided Tour of the Visual Studio UI; The General UI; The Start Page; Pinning Panels; Docking Panels; Navigation; Properties; Command Window; Immediate Window; Error List; The Object Browser; Code vs. Debug View; Smart Tag; IntelliSense; Code Snippet; Find and Replace
SummaryChapter 2: Configuring Visual Studio; Customizing Menus and Toolbars; Menu; Toolbars; Visual Studio Options; Environment; General; Add-in Security; AutoRecover; Documents; Extensions and Updates, Find and Replace, Fonts and Color; Import and Export Settings; International Settings; Keyboard; Quick Launch; Startup; Synchronized Settings; Tabs and Windows; Task List; Web Browser; Projects and Solutions; Source Control; Text Editor; Debugging; IntelliTrace Configuration; Performance Tools; Database Tools; HTML Designer; Package Manager; Import and Export Settings; Project Properties
Application/LibraryBuild; Build Events; Debug/Web; Resources; Signing; Code Analysis; Summary; Chapter 3: Development Tools; The Editor Window; C# IntelliSense; JavaScript IntelliSense; CSS IntelliSense; Code Lens; Peek Definition; Go To Features; Razor; The Database Panel; Report Designer; The WPF Editor; Resource Files; Navigability; Solution Explorer Class Navigation; Navigating Methods in Solution Explorer; Navigate To; Quick Find and Find in Files; Bookmark; Search Solution Explorer; The Pending Changes Filter; The Enhanced Scrollbar; Documentation; C#; Visual Basic; Razor; XAML
Visual C++Deploying Your Code; Web Deploy; One Click Web Deployment; Click Once; Win8 Application Deployment; NuGet; Summary; Chapter 4: Debugging; Breakpoints; An Overview of Breakpoints; Conditional Breakpoints, Breakpoint Filters, and Hit Counts; Edit and Continue; Attaching to a Process; Debugging Windows; The Output Window; The Immediate Window; The Watch Window; The QuickWatch Window; The Autos and Locals Windows; The Breakpoints Window; The Memory Window; Advanced Debugging; The Threads Window; The Parallel Stacks Window; The Modules Window; The Process Window; The Page Inspector
TracingCall Stack; Code Map; IntelliTrace; Tracepoint; Memory Analysis with Profiling; Summary; Chapter 5: Code Improvement Tools; Code Map; Using Code Map for Methods; Using Code Map for Libraries; Finding Cloned Code; How the Code Clone Analyzer Works; Refining Results; Limitations; When to Use the Code Clone Analyzer; Architecture Tools; Editing; UML and Validation; Visualization; Layer Diagrams; Sequence Diagrams; Class Diagrams; Activity Diagrams; Use Case Diagrams; Component Diagrams; Directed-Graph Diagrams; Code Metrics; Lines of Code; Depth of Inheritance; Class Coupling
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