Higher Order Basis Based Integral Equation Solver (HOBBIES

Zhang, Yu Author
1st edition
[Place of publication not identified] John Wiley & Sons Inc 2012
1 online resource (1 v.) : ill.
Integral equations -- Data processing -- Numerical solutions
Electromagnetism -- Computer simulation
Parallel programming (Computer science)
Moments method (Statistics)
HOBBIES (Electronic resource)
Electronic books.
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The latest in parallel EM solutions with both in-core and out-of-core solvers The solution of complex electromagnetic (EM) problems requires one to address the issues related with numerical accuracy and efficient distribution of the solution procedure over multiple computational nodes. With the advent of multicore processors and high performance computing (HPC) technology, the EM software designers need to know how to add new functionality to computational EM codes so that they can run efficiently on these new processors. Higher Order Basis Based Integral Equation Solver [HOBBIES] presents a road map for the analysis of complex material structures using the high-performance parallel simulation software known as HOBBIES. Focusing on the Method of Moments (MoM), the book features new parallel programming techniques and user-friendly code with superior capabilities for solving challenging EM radiation and scattering problems. It provides readers with complete guidance on how to extend the capability of MoM and achieve faster and more accurate EM analysis and utilize multicore CPUs on desktop computers. Complete with an academic version of the HOBBIES software, this book: Explains the unique features of the higher order basis functions in the solution of integral equations in a MoM context Shows how to generate a properly load balanced parallel computational procedure for MoM matrix filling and matrix equation solving in both in-core and out-of-core implementation Presents a professional graphical users interface (GUI) for generating the geometrical structure based on NURBS modeling Illustrates various automatic meshing procedures based on an a-priori defined error between the actual geometry and the meshed structure Outlines all the key features of the HOBBIES software, including multiple optimization procedures for EM synthesis The bottleneck of traditional MoM arises from the lack of memory in computers for solution of large problems. This is mitigated by using higher order basis functions and out-of-core solver in HOBBIES. HOBBIES has the capability to perform numerically accurate EM simulations using thousands of CPU cores in an HPC environment using a properly load balanced out-of-core solver. In this way, it provides a cost-effective choice for addressing modern engineering and scientific challenges that arise from the extremely complicated real-life applications.
Electromagnetic modeling of composite metallic and dielectric structures using higher order basis functions
Parallell in-core and out-of-core LU factorization for solving a matrix equation and the corresponding parallel matrix filling in HOBBIES
Getting started and working with HOBBIES projects
Creating a geometry model in HOBBIES
Meshing a model in HOBBIES
Setting up a HOBBIES solution and running a simulation
HOBBIES post-processing for visualizing the results
Solving electromagnetic field problems using HOBBIES
Advanced electromagnetic modeling using HOBBIES
HOBBIES optimizer and its applications.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Brown, La Toya
Zhang, Yu
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