The holiday makers : understanding the impact of leisure and travel / Jost Krippendorf ; translated by Vera Andrassy.

Krippendorf, Jost., author
Oxford ; Woburn, Mass. : Butterworth-Heinemann, 1987.
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1st edition

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Ferienmenschen. English
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The Holiday Makers is thought-provoking and profound in its analysis of the present and future patterns of work and leisure. The author analyses the different forms of tourism, examines the effects on the indigenous countries and their people, and outlines positive steps to reconcile people's holiday requirements with the world's economic and social structures.
The Holidav Makers Understanding the impact of leisure and travel; Copyright; Contents; Preface; Introduction; Part One The Model of Life in Industrial Society Work - Home - Free Time - Travel; 1 An outline of the model; 2 Under the dictates of the economy; 3 The credo for a new harmony; Part Two The Holiday Machine or: The Recreation Cycle; 4 The motives of the mobile leisureman - travel between norm, promise and hope; Man in search of balance; The social influence; The promises of the paradise sellers; The complex world of travel motives and expectations
5 Behaviour and experiences while travellingThe favourite holiday activities; Of armour, exceptions and clichés; Example 1: Holidays in the ghetto; Example 2: Alternative travel; The much maligned tourist; 6 The host population - what they expect and what they get from tourism; The silent local; Economic interest dominates; The unequal exchange and the unpaid social costs; Decision making by others - a high price; 7 The encounter between tourists and locals; Understanding among peoples?; Black prospects for meaningful contact; The glasses of prejudice; 8 The return and the feedback
Recuperated?Happy and content?; What is left? - travelling as learning and exploration; 9 Indications for a more critical understanding of tourism; The 'rebellion of the hosts' or: the awakened self-confidence of the local population; From the manipulated to the emancipated tourist; Part Three For a Humanization of Everyday Life; 10 Everyday life in working society - work, home and leisure time in a bottleneck; The working society heading for crisis; The inhospitable home and the divided life; 11 Changing values: opportunities for a new society
The purpose of life and new ideals: leisure time - the driving force of changeConsumer culture or a leisure-cultural life style; Ways out of the work crisis; The restoration of homeliness; Part Four Proposals for the Humanization of Travel; 12 The strategies and their philosophies; Advocate a soft and humane tourism - re-evaluate the ultimate goals; Take steps in the right direction without waiting for the great change; Provide the right interpretation of freedom in leisure and tourism policies; Accept the mass character of travel and one's own role as tourist
Organize a better distribution of tourist flowsCreate preconditions for a fair exchange and for equal partnership; 13 About the concept of a balanced tourist development; Don't consider the promotion of tourism an end in itself nor a panacea - strive for a diversified economic structure - avoid a 'single-crop' economy; Focus on the needs and interests of tourists and locals and co-ordinate them; Keep control over property in local hands; Plan investment in tourist development; Rely on the local work force - improve job quality; Emphasize and cultivate what is typically local
14 Ghetto or no ghetto - that is the question
Includes bibliographical references and index.
Translation of: Die Ferienmenschen.
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10.4324/9780080939032 doi